Believe in Sacred House? Support Sacred House to thrive by giving in any amount. 

We are 100% funded by your financial offerings at Gathers, our mini Kickstarter campaigns for various projects, and right here with this button you can give at any time. Any amount makes a difference and is appreciated. We also welcome larger fund supporters who believe in Sacred House's long-term vision and feel called to play an integral role. 

While not yet an official non-profit (your donation is not tax deductible), Sacred House is not built on a for-profit model and so donations are our financial lifeblood.

Here's how we spend...

• Smaller donations go directly to operating and overhead costs such as printing and copies for Gathers, printing and copies for marketing, Gather and workshop supplies, web site hosting, graphic design and supplies for Gathers and workshops. Right now, Lisa the founder pays for any overhead that is not covered by donations, so donations are a great help! We pride ourselves in keeping our costs as minimal as possible here, so that any additional funding can go toward the larger development of Sacred House.

• Larger donations can help fund the next upcoming projects:

- Obtaining non-profit 501c3 status so that we can accept donations and they are tax deductible!

- Creating a salary for Lisa, the founder of Sacred House, so that she can spend more time and energy developing and growing Sacred House's programs. Right now 100% of her time spent on Sacred House is her own donation.

- Right now Sacred House has a limited amount of offerings for participants to keep costs low. Larger donations can be designated to add specific new programs into the mix. We can let you know what additional programs we've got in mind, or perhaps you are passionate about an idea yourself!

- Expanding Sacred House's reach and partnerships by developing programs for folks outside of Boulder to become Stewards and start Sunday Gathers, with the goal that Sacred House becomes a spiritual home on a national and global level. 

* Please contact or 720-443-3741 if you feel called to play an integral role in Sacred House's long-term vision by giving a larger donation. We can talk about the above projects and how you'd like to designate the money. Or just go ahead and give here. Any amount over $100 will result in a call/email from us to find out where you'd like that money to go!

Thank you so much for your support!

Much love, Lisa Hunter and Sacred House