Our October theme is "Firewater" and this Sunday, Oct. 5th come join us for our October Prosperity Gather...

Sacred Housers who stayed for brunch after our September 28th Gather!

This Sunday is our October Prosperity Gather, plus the kickoff of our October theme, which is "Firewater" - all about energizing inner passion and fire through spiritual practice. It is from this place of inner fire that we ignite our most powerful abilities to create and shine over the coming months. And inner fire warms us from the inside out too - perfect timing for this coming winter season.

Our once-monthly Prosperity Gather is a time for our soul family to come together and "juice up" everyone's prosperity from the inside out. This is about prosperity in all of its forms, not just money, and the key lies in your tremendously valuable unique divine expression. Intrigued? Come join us, and learn how at Sacred House we each find our own unique recipes for connecting with something larger, with our own inner divinity, and with each other. 

Get all details here about this Sunday's Gather from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, plus stay for brunch afterward and/or come for Shine's yoga class at 10:00 am beforehand. Our "Firewater" theme is based on Shine's amazing non-alcoholic potion drink of the same name - imagine imbibing a drink that has been filled with the intention to support you to ignite your inner fire and spark of life!

Posted on September 30, 2014 .

Learn 3 Core Spiritual Practices this Sunday, Sept. 28th!

Join us this Sunday at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place for a Learning Gather. Every month we'll have a Learning Gather so that we can grow and learn from teachers, grow our spiritual horizons and learn from each other too. We'll mostly be bringing in guest speakers for our Learning Gathers, but this Sunday, to celebrate having just re-launched Sacred House, we'll have an in-house teaching about the 3 Core Sacred House Spiritual Practices.

The 3 Core Sacred House Spiritual Practices: At every Sacred House Gather we connect with our own divinity within, with each other and with something larger. It is also our Sacred House goal to teach you how to feel more connected in these ways more often and more deeply in your day-to-day life. Come learn our three core spiritual practices - one for connecting with your own unique divine expression, one for connecting with something larger that connects us all, and one for connecting with others from your sacred center to elevate all of your relationships. 

For all details, visit our Sunday Gathers page or our Calendar page.

Posted on September 25, 2014 .