"As many definitions of spirituality as there are people."

Sacred House is an official home and solution for the growing population of people who believe that something larger connects us all, and at the same time are not drawn to participate in a specific religion or spiritual path.

If you yearn to have spirituality in your life, but do not see any programs, institutions or traditions that fit you, Sacred House is a solution. Our phone classes provide a simple process to clarify your own personal set of spiritual truths and practices. This adds a richer level of meaning and purpose to life than when spirituality is not actively developed. Our in-person Gathers connect you with other individuals and families in your area who are taking this same approach so that you can learn from one another and enjoy meaningful community. 

The beauty of Sacred House is that you get to clarify your own set of spiritual truths and practices, and integrate them into your life in a way that truly fits who you are. We genuinely believe there are as many definitions and practices of spirituality as there are people. We invite you to discover yours!


We're based in Boulder, CO, 

but you can participate from anywhere in the world

via our phone classes and in-person Gathers...


=> "Recipe for Spirituality" Phone Classes

Learn about our simple 8-session Recipe for Spirituality phone classes for different lifestyle tracks: for Busy Professionals, for Parents & Families, for Students and for Spiritual Seekers. Clarify your own personal set of spiritual truths & practices, and integrate them into your daily life. 

Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Spirituality for Parents & Families

Spirituality for Parents & Families

Spirituality for Students & Seekers

Spirituality for Students & Seekers

=> In-Person Gathers in Boulder and Worldwide

Sacred House Gathers take on various forms - if you're near our home base of Boulder, Colorado, you can attend Weekly Sunday Gathers at our Boulder Main location - Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place. If you're not near Boulder but you're participating in one of our phone classes, we'll connect you with Regional Gathers local to your area, or we can even teach you how to have a Mini Gather with an already-existing, interested group of family & friends.

This Sunday's Gather & Brunch at our Boulder Main Location:

August 2nd, 2015

Summer of Abundance: How to Have an Abundance Core - A practice adapted from Sufism

Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place - 2027 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado

Join in our weekly gathering to clarify your own spiritual truths & practices. Gathers include guided activities, song meditation, spiritual practices for all styles of spirituality, and monthly teachers from diverse traditions. This Sunday is another "Summer of Abundance" Gather - we'll learn a practice adapted from Sufism to connect with your abundance core, a doorway to connection with something larger. When you stand in your abundance core, you are automatically tapped into riches on all levels, and wouldn't it be nice to feel that more often? Come try out this practice and see how it resonates with your own spiritual style.  

Boulder Sunday Gathers are from 11:15 to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, with a community toast, organic brunch and meaningful conversation afterward. You can also come for Shine's yoga class at 10 am with instructors from Amana Yoga Studio to make a whole morning of it! The Gather and yoga are each by donation. Shine is at 2027 13th Street, Boulder, CO. To read more about Gathers, visit our Gathers Page here.