3 Heart Practices from 3 Sacred Traditions this Sunday, March 1st

Many folks were not able to make it to last week's Gather because of the snowstorm, so this Sunday we're doing a replay of our "3 Heart Practices" Gather with special guest Tucker Shelton. We'll celebrate by learning three time-tested spiritual practices for the heart from three different traditions - one from Sufism, one from Buddhism and one from the Hatha yoga path. Each practice supports giving, feeling, receiving and radiating love. Sound good? We'll also have a special guest at this Gather - Tucker Shelton will teach us the Hatha heart practice. He's the wonderful new instructor for the Shine yoga class that happens right before our Gathers. He's traveled the world teaching and practicing and I'm excited for you all to meet him if you haven't already!

After the Gather you're invited to stay for a toast with potions/tea/water where we'll celebrate each other's intentions for the week, and you can also stay afterward for yummy organic brunch and good conversation with good people about all things spiritual.

For the when and where of our Gathers please visit our Gather Page and Calendar Page. The Gather starts at 11:15 am, and then there is a community toast and brunch afterward. You can also come early for Tucker's excellent yoga class at 10:00 am for a great way to start your day.

See you soon and much love,


Posted on February 18, 2015 .

Our Sunday, Feb. 22nd Gather is 3 Heart Practices from 3 Sacred Traditions. And tonight, Tuesday Feb. 17th is a big ole' Love Yourself Ritual!

At this coming Sunday's Gather we'll learn three practices for the heart from three sacred traditions. But more on that tomorrow! Right now, here's information on the big ole' Love Yourself Ritual that's happening tonight at 6:00 pm...

Join Lisa Hunter from Sacred House and Amy Jacobs from the Chakra Healing Arts Center - we're doing a fun group ritual to love yourself more, and who couldn't use more of that, right? We'll guide you through three activities that will juice up your love for yourself and for others. This will be a sweet and powerful event, so come join us if you'd like to make your Tuesday night a heart and soul nurturing evening. At Chakra Healing Arts Center which is in the Gunbarrel area of Boulder - 6684 Gunpark Drive, Suite 100. www.chakraartscenter.com

Posted on February 17, 2015 .