Thanks for “Activate Your Equinox” and next Gather is Sunday, April 27th

Thanks to our “Equinox” crew who came to this past Sunday’s Gather - we set “pine cone intentions” with pine cones (actually, they were fir cones) that had freshly fallen off a nearby fir tree. The cones were perfect metaphors for planting seeds for goals and intentions in the coming months, since conifer cones carry the tree’s seeds and release them once they hit the ground. Our Gather actually ended with an imprompu and inspired trip to the river to send our pine cones out “into the flow”. It was powerful to do something physical like that to fuel and bless our actions in the coming months.

Stay tuned for our next Gather which is on Sunday, April 27th, and blessings on your month!

Much love,

This month’s Gather is Sunday, March 30th: Activate Your Equinox

Our monthly Gather is an hour-long format with quiet meditative time, a special ceremony, and then group reflection/blessing/prayer. Afterwards, we head to lunch at a local restaurant.

Theme this month:  The spring equinox was a little over a week ago, and so our Gather is the perfect time to connect with the turn of the season to plant seeds of intention as we head into the lighter, longer and growth-oriented part of the year.  This month’s ceremony will activate the new life in each of us so that we can officially begin to create what we yearn to create in the coming months.

What’s wanting to be born in you?  No matter how small or large it is, this is a wonderful time to activate what you desire in your heart.

The Gather starts at 10:30 am, with silent meditation arrival between 10:15 and 10:30 am. For more information about Gathers, please visit our How It Works page, and for details about the location and time of this Sunday’s Gather, please visit our Calendar page.

Much love,

Last Sunday’s Gather, plus our next Gather is Sunday, March 30th

Thanks to all that attended our February Gather this past Sunday - what a lovely group, and the ceremony, “The Weaving of Many Truths” was very meaningful - we created the beginnings of a mini-tapestry together where each woven thread represents the spiritual truth unique to the person weaving the thread. I’ll be carrying it around with me to our various Sacred House events so that each new person can weave in their own thread and eventually we’ll have a community-created tapestry to use on our ceremony table!

Our next Gather in March is on Sunday, March 30th. Please make a note on your calendar and stay tuned either here on the blog or on our mailing list for the theme.

Much love,

Come join us for The Weaving of Many Truths - our February Gather this Sunday the 23rd…

Very much looking forward to our February Gather this coming Sunday - come join in our new hour-long format with quiet meditative time, a special ceremony and group visioning/prayer. Afterwards, we all head to lunch.

Our Gather theme for this month is The Weaving of Many Truths. During our ceremony, we’ll begin to collectively weave a tapestry for our ceremony table that represents the many unique definitions of spirituality of all our members. In taking part, you will gain more clarity about your own truths, and celebrate them in the process. At the end of our Gather we’ll have the beginnings of a physical tapestry that represents the richness of experience in our community. We’ll keep adding to the tapestry over the coming months as new people join in with us!

See you then, and for all details on Gathers, visit our Calendar page and How It Works page. If you’re new to Sacred House, the How It Works page will also fill you in on our various events and offerings. 

Much love, Lisa