Your recipe for spirituality is your compass to live your best life.

At Sacred House, we recognize that there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people. We support you to create your own recipe for spirituality that fits with who you are. We do this with simple, practical tools that individuals and families can easily apply in daily living.

The word "spirituality" can be a confusing term these days. Does it mean religion? Does it refer to new age paths? What if none of these fit you? At Sacred House, every person's recipe for spirituality is different. Discover yours as you grow, connect, inspire...



Grow and develop your own spiritual compass. Everyone has a set of spiritual compass points, and they are different for each person. We'll show you how to discover yours because they are a key part of your recipe for spirituality. They are the big themes and values that are important to you, and guide you to live your best life.



Connect with something larger that connects us all. Connect with your wise center within. Our tools, classes and Gathers help you to have these important kinds of spiritual connection, each in ways that fit your style. 



Inspire your deeper purpose in the world. The one premise at Sacred House is that something larger connects us all, and that we are each unique expressions of it. Your life purpose is closer to home and easier to discover than you might think. We show you how to recognize it and your style for expressing it in the world.

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Create your recipe for spirituality with others who are doing the same, and enjoy like-minded company in the process. In a world of so many people and families living in individual homes, it's nice to add one more opportunity for connection with an extended circle of family and friends. 

Here's how to participate...