Our mid-season break is this Sunday- no Gather in Oct. 26th, then our next Gather is Nov. 2nd


Time for a little mid-season break - just like with the seasons, and in every cycle on the earth, there are pauses that rejuvenate. What will you do this Sunday to pause, refuel and refill in your life?

No Gather this Sunday the 26th, and then we return the following Sunday, Nov. 2nd with the kick-off of our November theme "Being Wholeness", based on Shine's new potion "Melody Moonlight" which is all about accepting all parts of ourselves as part of the path to feeling even more intimately connected with the oneness that connects us all together. Yes!

Also, Spiritual Incubator Class starts on Tuesday, October 28th - if the phrase "discover your own unique recipe for spirituality" causes something in your heart and soul to stir, then visit our Spiritual Incubator page to learn more. The class on the 28th is an introduction and an opportunity to see if you want to sign up for the 3-month Incubator. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 
Much love to you this week,

Posted on October 20, 2014 .

"Inner Fire Awake" is our Spiritual Practice Gather this Sunday, October 19th

This is the last Gather of our October "Firewater" theme before we take one Sunday off (Oct. 26th) for our mid-season break and return on Nov. 2nd

There is an ignition switch within each of us - a spark of creativity, passion and fire that starts as a motivating feeling, from the core, and moves us into action. What is the passion that you bring to life? What are you here for? This passion is an expression of your inner divinity - your unique expression of that something larger that connects us all. When you activate that passion, how might it impact the world? This is a Spiritual Practice Gather, which means that we'll do a group spiritual practice to help each person recognize the unique form of passion that they bring, and invite that passion to come more alive in each person's life. 

Our October theme is inspired by Shine's potion "Firewater" - an intentional drink that supports us to activate our inner fire and passion. Get all the details about this Sunday's October 19th Gather on our Gather Page and on our Calendar page. The Gather is from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, plus stay for brunch afterward and/or come for Shine's yoga class at 10:00 am beforehand. 

Posted on October 13, 2014 .