This Sunday, Feb. 1st is our first February-theme Gather and it's a Random Acts of Kindness party!

This month our theme is "All About Da Love" - for others, for yourself, for the world, for something larger that connects us all. We're gonna love it up in February with each Sunday fostering more love in a different way. This Sunday is a Random Acts of Kindness Gather - we'll start and end with regular Sacred House practices, and in the middle we'll have fun brainstorming all kinds of random acts of kindness that we can go out and do in the community. By the end, each of will have identified our very own random act of kindness that we plan to do in the next week, and that fits with our personality and spiritual style.

Our "All About Da Love" theme in February is inspired by Shine's potion "Luv-Me-Dew" which heats up our internal channels for self love and support so that we can then bring even more love into the world. 

Doors open at 11:00 am - get all the logistical details on our Gather Page and Calendar page, plus come early at 10:00 am for Shine's awesome yoga class.

See you soon!

Posted on January 27, 2015 .

Make your dreams more likely to come true this Sunday, Jan. 25th!

This Sunday is the last of our January Mini Vision Retreat Gathers focused on dreaming up what we're each creating in 2015. Amy Jacobs, one of our fellow Sacred House participants, also happens to be an expert on chakra healing modalities and runs a center called Chakra Healing Arts in North Boulder. The art of chakra balancing and management is an ancient spiritual practice that spans spiritual traditions around the world. If you've ever been curious to learn about chakras, if you already love working with them or if you're not sure what you think about all that energy stuff but you're willing to give it a try, Amy will give us a short education about the chakra system and lead a three-part moving meditation that will help each of us to integrate our 2015 intentions and dreams on the level of our energy bodies, through all the chakras and into the chakra that causes manifestation in physical reality. Hint: you may have great goals for 2015, but if they're not anchored in your 1st chakra, they can't get too far.

Amy will help us do just that - bring our visions and goals into the part of our energy system and physical body that makes stuff happen! Plus, Amy is such an inspiring person and a wonderful teacher - don't miss this one :)

All details about the when & where of Gathers are on our Gathers page and our Calendar page.

See you soon!

Posted on January 20, 2015 .