This Sunday, April 5th is "The Essence of Easter for All Spiritualities"

What was the original spiritual transmission, the true meaning around Easter? In what ways does this Christian tradition inspire and deepen the spiritual practices of folks like us at Sacred House? All spiritual traditions have an original transmission - a pure spiritual teaching embedded at the heart of the practice that is separate from the filters of institutional practices and even the commercial world. This Sunday we'll dive into the original essence of Easter and each discover how it applies to our own spiritual practices. 

Join us this Sunday from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place in Boulder for our Gather and stay for a community toast and yummy brunch afterward. You can also come early for Shine's yoga class with the fabulous Tucker Shelton from 10:00 to 11:00 am. For all the "when & where" details, visit our Gather page or our Calendar page. 

Posted on March 31, 2015 .

This Sunday, March 29th we'll do a practice to discover opportunity-opening connections among us that we didn't even know were there...

To cap off our March "Amplified Synchronicity" theme this Sunday, we're doing a practice called Big Collaborative Field where we'll discover opportunity-opening connections among us that we didn't even know were there. This month we've been learning that unexpected opportunities, door openings, luck and little miracles happen more often with a steady practice of awareness and sharing. This practice in turn keeps us connected with events in life that reinforce our spiritual sense that something larger connects us all. We are all connected in some way, so this Sunday we'll discover how we each enhance luck, door openings and little miracles for each other. 

You can also join us between now and Sunday in our private facebook group conversation as we experiment with our synchronicity practices from this past Sunday. Just ask to join and come on in!

Sunday Gathers start at 11:15 at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, with a community toast afterward to celebrate our spiritual intentions for the coming week, and you can also stay for yummy organic brunch, socializing and Spiritual 8 conversation. You are also invited to come for Shine's yoga class with Tucker Shelton at 10:00 am - highly recommended! All details are on our Gather page and our Calendar page. 

See you soon!


Posted on March 24, 2015 .