This Sunday the 23rd is our November Prosperity Gather!

After our Gather, we're usually pretty hungry! Here's some of the Sacred Housers who stayed for brunch this past Sunday, diving into yummy organic Shine food and potions :)

After our Gather, we're usually pretty hungry! Here's some of the Sacred Housers who stayed for brunch this past Sunday, diving into yummy organic Shine food and potions :)

Join us this Sunday for our monthly Prosperity Gather where we "juice up" everyone's prosperity from the inside out. This is about prosperity in all of its forms, not just money, and the key lies in your tremendously valuable unique divine expression. This month's Prosperity Gather will be through the lens of our "Being Wholeness" theme.

And something new: To share even more in creating our Sacred House space together, if you like, please bring a pillow from your home to use on your chair, and/or bring an item that has spiritual meaning for you, and place it in the middle of our circle, along with others' items. Every week we'll have a different collection of sacred objects in the middle of our circle, representing what's meaningful for each of us. Love!
Join us for this Sunday's Prosperity Gather, plus stay for brunch afterward if you like. Please arrive between 11:00 and 11:15 am so that we can start promptly at 11:15 am. The Gather is from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, and then yummy organic brunch is afterward. You can also come for Shine's yoga class at 10:00 am beforehand if you'd like a good morning stretch to start your day. Get all the logistical details on our Gather Page and on our Calendar page. 

Much love,


Posted on November 17, 2014 .

This Sunday, Nov. 16th, we dive into our "Being Wholeness" theme with Andy the Potion Maker's alchemical, magical Wholeness activity...

The activity involves big flashes of light and physical objects disappearing mid-air. Really, it does! Does it get any better than that on a Sunday morning? ;)

For those of you who don't know, there's a guy named Andy who creates all of Shine's potions - delicious and soulful drinks that have healing intention in them. Andy the Potion Maker! He is one of the sweetest, wisest people you will ever meet - a real, humble and true healing presence. And he's joining us for our Gather this Sunday to facilitate an activity (although after experiencing it myself, I would call it a magical, alchemical Being Wholeness joy ride, it was that powerful and that much fun), to help us each experience what it is to embody wholeness from the inside out.

When we experience wholeness rather than separation in the world, it translates to experiencing wholeness within our selves as well. And who doesn't want more of that? We all have those places that we judge or feel shame about or want to hide or run from. But boy oh boy, "not judging" is easier said than done. What I love about the alchemical activity that Andy will facilitate is that you don't have to artificially try to jump to accepting something, in yourself or in the world, when you really don't feel that way. You get to feel exactly how you feel without changing a thing, and at the same time you get to experience more wholeness.

Join us for this Sunday's fun and meaningful Gather, plus stay for yummy Shine brunch afterward is you like! We open and close with our regular Sacred House practices, and Andy's guest sharing is the "main course" in between. For all details and logistics, please visit our Gather page and our Calendar page.

Much love, Lisa


Posted on November 11, 2014 .