Recipe for Spirituality 8-Session Phone Classes

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Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals

If you're on this page, you just read about the Recipe for Spirituality phone class either on our Busy Professionals page, our Parents & Families page or our Students & Seekers page. These are the three learning tracks at Sacred House, which means that there are three different classes to choose from. If you feel you fit with more than one track, no worries, just go with the one you're most drawn to and you can always switch to a different track at any time. 

R ecipe for Spirituality for Parents & Families

Recipe for Spirituality for Parents & Families

Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers

Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers

Class Structure

The class is held on a conference call platform, and each of the eight sessions is one hour long. Your instructor is Lisa Hunter - Founder and Spiritual Director of Sacred House. Lisa will spend the first half hour of each session with a quick re-cap of the previous session's lesson and Q & A as participants share their experiences and questions from working with that lesson during the week. This is a rich conversation, with participants learning from listening to others' questions and reflections, and from hearing Lisa's coaching suggestions. During the last twenty minutes of each class, Lisa will give a new lesson, plus simple homework to complete before next class. All homework is easy to do and easy to integrate into your daily life. 

Rolling Admission

Eight-Session Cycles:  Classes are every Tuesday and happen in eight-session cycles. When an eight-session cycle completes, another begins the next week. 

Start On Any Tuesday:  You can join in at any time, which means that you don't have to start with Session One. You can start with any of the eight sessions and continue until you've attended all eight.

Multiple Cycles:  You're done with the class when you've participated for as many eight-session cycles as you need. The beauty of this class structure is that it supports you to develop your own personal set of spiritual beliefs and spiritual practices over time. The eight-session cycle is a complete class in and of itself, AND as you begin another cycle, you find new depth in the lessons and homework, with each round revealing more solutions for integrating your very own brand of spirituality into your daily life. 


$80 for the eight-session cycle. This is billed on a monthly basis at $40/month. The number attending each class is unlimited which is why we can offer the class so affordably, basically $10 per session. This allows you to affordably attend as many cycles as you like, and to relax into your learning.  


We know you're busy, so if you're not able to make a class, no worries, it's always recorded. After each class, we'll send an email with a link to the recording.  


Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers:  Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Pacific/ 5:00 pm Mountain/ 6:00 pm Central/ 7:00 pm Eastern

Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals:  Every Tuesday at 5:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Mountain/ 7:00 pm Central/ 8:00 pm Eastern

Recipe for Spirituality for Parents & Families:  Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00 pm Mountain/ 8:00 pm Central/ 9:00 pm Eastern 

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