About Sacred House and How It Got Started

(a.k.a. What's our vision and who's guiding it?)

Hi there, my name is Lisa Hunter and I'm the person who started Sacred House. I'm an ordained interspiritual minister, and I believe there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people. My dedication is to steward Sacred House, along with our Core Team, to provide spiritual home for the massive numbers of us who have been yearning for that one place that truly fits - where there is plenty of room for each of us to feel our own brand of connection to something larger than our selves, while also being part of a larger family. After working with thousands of people over the years, we have discovered how to teach each person to build their own unique spiritual foundation - that's what we call the Recipe For Spirituality. This foundation supports you to live the life that you really want to live, to discover your own style for a steady connection to something larger (source, spirit, God, oneness, the universe, quantum molecules, whatever you like to call it) and to recognize and express your inherent qualities and gifts. All while being part of a spiritual family that knows you on the level of the deep matters of the heart and soul that spirituality evokes. 

The journey that brought me to start Sacred House includes participating in just about every kind of religion and spiritual path you can think of, looking for that one context that would encompass everything that I feel and believe. I never found it all in one place. I grew up Roman Catholic and didn't mind that experience, but it also didn't call to me as I entered adulthood. In my journey of exploration, I found so many teachings and lessons along the way. And what I discovered is that my truest belief is that each person has their own unique spiritual recipe, and that we are each experts in our own experience. Guidance and learning from all sorts of wonderful sources is key, and at the same time only you know what really works for you and what is really true for you. For some, that happens to fit with a particular organized religion or spiritual path. And for others, like me, a place like Sacred house is the right place to be. 

My background and training: To become an interspiritual minister, I completed the two-year seminary program at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York. I also have a fun and eclectic history of spiritual leadership for most of my prior career life too. Back in my 20's and 30's, I was a performing and recording singer-songwriter for about a decade, and then a trainer teaching probation officers to use life coaching skills. As a singer-songwriter, I toured the country playing shows, recording CD's and facilitating workshops on spiritual growth and transformation. As a trainer I taught for many years in a nationwide program to help probation officers support their probationers to clarify their own personal and spiritual beliefs in order to make change from a place of intrinsic motivation rather than in response to force or rules.

I see now how these earlier careers prepared me for Sacred House, which requires a broad and open perspective, a love for creating "soul family" and a love for helping others facilitate their own spiritual growth. I am not an expert in spirituality, but rather an expert in helping you discover what spirituality is for you. I consider my personal spirituality ever-evolving, and it means different things to me at different times. When I'm not overseeing Sacred House, I'm traveling around Colorado officiating weddings, baby blessings and new home blessings for the many individuals and families for whom I am a spiritual support. I look forward to meeting you and sharing the journey!

Lisa Hunter

And now, I'd like to introduce you to some members of our Sacred House Core Team...


Director of Young Adult Programs

Laura Baines

I'm so excited to facilitate the 'Create The Life You Love' course for young adults. Your 20s are a crucial time where you are figuring out who you are and the imprint you want to make on the world. My goal is to help you discover and create what truly fulfills, inspires, and excites you in all areas of life - whether that be in your relationships, career, day-to-day living, or all of the above! This class is all about you. What you want. Not what society, your parents, your peer group, or what anyone else wants for you. I provide tools and techniques you can use to determine if you are 'on path' in all areas of life. If you find something is off in certain areas, I guide you on getting back to a place where you feel a sense of limitlessness and are truly inspired by life.

How I got involved: I was born and raised Catholic going to church with my family every Sunday. A couple of years ago and gradually before then, I felt my beliefs and spiritual truths were getting too big to fit into the mold that Catholicism offered me. I have nothing against religion, in fact if religion is something that brings you closer to your truth and connection to something larger, I am all for it. But it just wasn't fitting my mold. From that point on, I was drawn to anything that helped me discover and define my spiritual truth. I found Sacred House and that did it for me - a place all about finding your spiritual truths. Sacred House has been an integral part of my spiritual journey ever since. 

My background & training: I have a degree in psychology from University of Colorado, as well as experience in the psych and personal growth fields. I was a crisis hotline counselor for a local non-profit, coaching callers through stressful times and empowering them to reconnect with their inner power. I also worked with abused children, helping them to reconnect to their playfulness, their basic essence, after experiencing trauma. Along with psychology, I've studied personal growth, spirituality, mind-body connection and mindfulness practices through yoga, books, travel and workshops. I apply what I learn to goals, situations and obstacles in my daily life - so the training never really stops!


Amy Photo.jpg

Director of Community-Building

Amy Jacobs

Hi! I'm honored to be part of the Sacred House core team in the role of building relationships the vibrant community of Sacred House's home base - Boulder, Colorado. As Sacred House has taken shape over the past years, we've increasingly recognized that we are part of a constantly evolving landscape of individuals and groups working to meet needs, make space for human connection and create positive change in the world. We are dedicated to proactively contributing in the community, and we feel the enormous abundance of what the community offers us! Check our Boulder calendar for the diverse lineup of presenters who join us at our Boulder Sunday Gathers, plus our monthly community service and social events. We believe deeply that the whole of Boulder is greater than the sum of its parts, and we join in that whole with open hearts. 

My first experience with Sacred House was an embodiment of the beauty of community - I left the Gather deeply grateful to have met and witnessed a group of people who were so sincere in their desire to be authentic, and I loved how the setting was designed to bring that authenticity out while also maintaining the warmth and connection that one usually only finds in practices with at least a little bit of dogma. My own journey has left me wary of rigid thinking, and Sacred House has provided a perfect space for me to explore my spirituality through diverse experiences without ever creating a feeling of impingement on my autonomy. Working on the team is already another exploration of myself and I'm really excited to see what I discover next! 

My background: I graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in Political Communications. I chose politics as a field of study because I wanted to make the world a better place, but by the time I finished my degree, I was disillusioned with the political process and the lack of authenticity that I felt from so many of my peers. I chose a totally different direction for myself after college, and have been studying yoga and energy work and have been teaching a Korean practice called Sundo for eight years. I work with clients to achieve mind/body integration, self-awareness and optimal energetic development through this practice. However, while I hold Sundo training close to my heart, I believe deeply that every human being has an individual path that can never be dictated externally. I love Sacred House because it provides a space for the exploration that is essential for anyone wanting to find their own "way". 


Sacred House Facilitator - Portland, Oregon

April Lampert

My spiritual journey:  I grew up going to a small Evangelical church in the Midwest. I always felt very connected to source. I had a rich inner world and knew early on that I was part of something much larger and grander than myself. In my early 20's I began to feel restless - in every aspect of my life - so I started exploring many types of spiritual practices. They all resonated with me in some way and reflected Christianity. I started to realize that different religions were simply metaphors for the universal love I'd always felt in my heart. I was yearning for an environment where I could celebrate rather than mourn that connection. I will always value my Christian upbringing and still live by the virtues and principals I learned as a child. Jesus will always be my savior for his demonstration of undying love. The difference is, this is just a piece of my unique recipe for spirituality which I continue to discover more about every day, and I seek out diverse groups of people who appreciate all walks and expressions of spirituality.

How Sacred House found me and my vision for Sacred House Portland: I had just moved to Boulder, Colorado and was deeply yearning to find a tribe of people that I could learn and share with. I was so blessed to meet Lisa and become a part of Sacred House at its early stages. It helped support me in so many ways. I had found a home where my individual spirituality could shine. It was the safe haven of support and acceptance I had always craved, and it strengthened my spiritual life because it gave me permission to fully embrace my deeply intuitive truths. As the Sacred House Portland Facilitator, my vision has to do with the fact that I truly love hearing people's stories, where they come from and what's in their heart. It's my sincere mission to create an extension of Sacred House's safe spiritual haven beyond Boulder. The focus is to hold space and nurture this healing place of connectivity and support for people who deeply desire it. We are all here on this planet from different walks of life, and I am committed to seeing, honoring and uplifting one another. At Sacred House Portland, by coming together as community, we can serve each other by consistently demonstrating love for each other and acceptance for ALL of our spiritual practices. 

My background and training: I'm a youth educator, spiritual guide & teacher, self-love ambassador, writer and inner-child advocate! I have a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. I've taught children life and academic skills in personal, pre-school, day care and elementary school settings my entire life. I also have coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As for my spiritual training, I've been on a journey of introspection and transformation that can't be measured by a degree or certificate. I've always been intrigued by people's inner lives as well as how we relate to one another. I facilitate a self-love group in Portland, which is all about the importance of self-care and self-acceptance. In addition, I coach people one-on-one, helping them clear old blocks and create their own unique self-love practice so they can fully embrace their life's purpose.

More bios from other Core Team members coming soon!


Our Boulder home base:  Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place

Our Boulder home base: Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place


The Sacred House home base is in Boulder, Colorado, and with the advent of our "Recipe for Spirituality" phone classes, we are welcoming Sacred House participants and Gathers worldwide. We also have a Core Team of Sacred Housers whose input and time contributions are key support for Sacred House as it continues to grow. This is an exciting time for Sacred House as we step more fully into our vision of providing this kind of spiritual home for people not just in Boulder, but everywhere. 

We look forward to meeting you!


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