Sacred House is a global movement to discover 7.5 billion recipes to live from center...

At Sacred House, we teach you to live and create from your center - that steady, unshakeable place where your REAL answers and wisdom reside. When you live from your center, you live the life that, when you're 90, you'll look back on and feel great about. 

We believe that each person has their own unique recipe to live and create from their center, and we provide you with non-mysterious, easily-accessible tools to do so...

We do this in a practical "rubber meets the road" kind of way with our 6-Month Challenge. The best way to practice living from center is to apply those skills to something in real life. At Sacred House, you choose your next 6-month project or goal, then practice taking action while returning to center with our 4 Centering Tools. Download our 6-Month Challenge Tools and attend our Sunday Socials, Guiding Principles Trainings and Challenge Weeks.  

With our approach, living from your center is more than just an idea,
it's a practical application to create something meaningful in your life. 

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