How Sacred House Works (In 3 Steps!)

Monthly Guiding Principles Trainings
Quarterly Challenge Weeks
6-Month Challenge Teams

Join in with other motivated, driven go-getters who are working to
accomplish their goals from their center for real, satisfying success.


So what is the next big thing that you want to make happen? Maybe you're writing a book or launching a new business project or organizing a benefit concert for a cause you care deeply about. Whatever it is you feel called to do, we believe it's exactly what the world needs right now. 

Taking bigger risks and stepping out onto "bigger stages", you begin to encounter new blocks, limiting beliefs and decisions that stretch your edges. Our programs & events ensure that you accomplish your goal by providing action-oriented structure and centering tools to take action from that unshakeable place within where all of your REAL answers reside. Because actions taken from center are the only actions that create potent results. 


Step One
Download free tools

Click here to download a workbook to clarify your 6-month goal and create a deep, genuine action plan, plus watch our Centering Tools videos. 


Step Two
Attend monthly Guiding Principles Trainings
and quarterly Challenge Weeks


About the Guiding Principles Training

Identify your project's main Guiding Principle to move through blocks and access great ideas. 

Get a clear next action step, new resources, connections, aha's and breakthroughs.

Join in with a room full of other passionately-driven people to identify your main Guiding Principle for the next six weeks of your 6-Month project/goal. Your main Guiding Principle moves you through blocks and gives you great ideas by returning you to that unshakeable place within where all your REAL answers reside.

You'll also experience Group Synergy, which is Sacred House's unique approach to group interaction to catalyze aha's, breakthroughs, new connections and resources. We're experts at getting driven go-getters together to accomplish goals and get stuff done.

Stay tuned for the next Guiding Principles Training dates!

About Quarterly Challenge Weeks

A week of bad-ass centering and potent action to catalyze your 6-month project/goal. 


Blast through your current limiting edge

Center in unstoppable drive & focus

Map your potent 6-Week Action Plan

Get Ready

Daily Action Challenge - Daily action emails with mini one-page Guide Books launch to take for your project each day. 

Ramp It Up

Add in Daily Centering Calls - In addition to our action-a-day, join in from 9:00 to 9:20 am (or listen to the recorded call) for Centering Practice of different kinds and styles to strengthen your ability to stay in the part of your brain that has aha's and insight. This preps you to get the most out of Saturday... 

Challenge Day!

 Activity - Dissolve Your Limiting Edge: A three-step activity to blast through your current limiting edge, which may be a hard decision, a belief, procrastination, clarity about what to do next, etc.

• Activity - Center in Unstoppable Drive & Focus: A two-step activity to fire up the unstoppable desire within you that turned you on enough to take action in the first place. This is a centering activity because this drive comes from your center. It is from this place that your success is unstoppable and cannot help but create itself. Leave with a tool to stay in this state in the weeks to come. 

• Activity - Potent Action Map: Centered in your unstoppable drive and focus, next tap into the wisdom that resides there, and map your potent action step plan for the next six weeks.

* Group Synergy: We use our powerful Group Synergy process for aha's, breakthroughs, quantum leaps, new connections and resource-sharing throughout. We use our expertise at getting passionately-driven people together to accomplish goals and get stuff done.

Logistics & Details

Lead Facilitator: Sacred House Founder/Director Lisa Hunter - Read her bio here.

Location: In Boulder, CO. We'll email with specifics when you sign up.

Dates: Stay tuned for the next Challenge Week dates.


Step Three
Membership & Challenge Teams

Roll up your sleeves, immerse in our programs and work with a six-month team

Really commit to you 6-month goal/project by regularly attending Guiding Principles Trainings and Challenge Weeks. Membership is an added incentive to do so. Membership provides...

A discount to Guiding Principles Trainings and Challenge Weeks, so you save money overall.

Access to our members-only Facebook group for ongoing peer & facilitator support to accomplish your 6-month goal. 

 Bonus: Form a 6-Month Challenge Team. In attending Guiding Principles Trainings and Challenge Weeks, you may have met other participants with whom you'd like to form a team. As Sacred House members, your team will receive a Challenge Team Guide Book to self-facilitate as an ongoing peer group for accountability to accomplish your 6-month goal and continually return to center along the way. 

Learn more about membership when you attend our weekly Sunday Socials, monthly Guiding Principles Trainings and quarterly Challenge Weeks! 

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