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We are transforming the "Spiritual No-Man's Land"

There is something that we here at Sacred House call the "spiritual no-man's land". It's a big source of pain and yearning in the world right now. Perhaps you've been feeling it. It's when you say to yourself something like, "Well, I do believe in something larger than myself, but none of the religions fits quite right for me and the new agey stuff isn't quite right for me either. So I guess I've got nowhere to go for spirituality, but I would love a place to belong."

The crazy thing about the spiritual no-man's land is that life continues and it's all good - it's not like you're going to die if you're not participating in some kind of organized spirituality. Yet deep down in there you know that something is missing. It's a longing in your heart, a knowing in your gut, an inherent human desire.

We all have these experiences in life - those moments when something inexplicable happens or you feel a deep connection to everything - and you just believe without any evidence that we are all connected in a way that our brains can't even begin to comprehend.

We like this feeling, we want more of it and we want to share it with others. 

But for so many individuals & families right now, there's been nowhere to go that really fits. 

It's all about Permission

At Sacred House, we passionately believe that there are as many definitions of spirituality on this planet as there are people. 7.125 billion definitions. Literally. This is very different from the current cultural norm that says, "In order to participate in spirituality, you must participate in a pre-defined path." Nobody's out there soap-boxing this norm, it's just become part of the air that we breathe. But it's a problem when you don't feel drawn to any of the existing paths. Which is true for an enormous amount of people right now.

We want to give you permission to make a different assumption.

Try this on for size:

That you and every person has their own recipe for spirituality. No two are alike. This means that you can develop your spirituality, deepen your spirituality, feel spirituality as relevant to you and enjoy it as a tool to guide and enhance and enrich your life in very practical and helpful ways. Without having to fit with a pre-defined path. Instead, you get to discover how your own spirituality works and you get to benefit tremendously from this discovery every single day for the rest of your life.

Doesn't that feel good?

We think it does! If you do too, then you are in the right place. Let's dissolve the spiritual no-man's land and make spirituality more accessible than it's ever been before. 

If you're drawn to Sacred House, you're at a place in your life where you can feel the possibility of having more. More connection, more satisfaction, more purpose, more meaningful contribution, more true expression of who you really are. We've discovered that all of these things come naturally when you have a strongly developed spiritual foundation.

• Perhaps you feel a call for more purpose in your life - to feel it and to express it in a meaningful way.

• Perhaps you have small children and would love for them to have a spiritual family that fits your style.

• Perhaps you are going through a change in your life that you see as an opportunity to make a positive transformation, given the right tools and support.

• Perhaps you are yearning to ignite the life that you really want to be living.

• Perhaps you feel called to develop your spirituality.

• Perhaps you would love to be part of something larger, a broad-based community family where you are known and cared for and where you give the same in return.

Your Recipe For Spirituality is your compass for your best life.

At Sacred House, spirituality is simply a set of practical and very accessible tools for better living. You will discover your own set of guiding principles for living the life that you really want to be living so that when you are 90 you can look back and feel truly satisfied. You'll strengthen your connection with something larger that connects us all and feel the trust and faith in life that results from that connection, plus you'll also strengthen your connection with your own wise center within. As your spiritual foundation develops, you'll find that your unique deeper purpose and contribution becomes more and more clear until you can't help but express it in the world. 

And perhaps best of all, you'll be part of a spiritual family. You'll be known and cared for, and you will come to know and care for others.  You'll feel safe to just be yourself without any pretenses, without any worry about image, because we come together for the deep matters of the heart and soul that spirituality evokes.  That's what makes our family so rich in depth, connection, friendship and love. 

Sacred House is a spiritual home, an incubator to develop your strong spiritual foundation, a launch pad for your meaningful contribution in the world and a place to belong. We invite you to participate! 

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There are 7 billion recipes for spirituality on this planet. Let's discover yours...