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• Take our Recipe for Spirituality Phone Class

• Attend In-Person Gathers

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Does the following sound like you?

Spirituality and community is front and center on your radar, and you are on a path of growth and/or healing. Either you're just beginning to explore your spirituality, or it's already been a big part of your life and you want to reinforce that by being part of a path and community that fits you. You may have dipped into many different kinds of religions, paths and traditions and found value in all of them but never felt that any one of them was your true spiritual home. You would really love to feel a sense of belonging in a spiritual context, and you also want to deepen your own spiritual path along the way. You do believe that there is something larger that connects us all, and you may call it by any of many names - God, nature, energy, spirit, The Universe, etc. You've learned so much from all that you've explored, and if you could find a spiritual context that feels like it really fits you, then you would feel you had filled in a missing piece in your life. You're willing to keep looking as you continue to grow...

If this description fits you, then Sacred House is a solution! Here's how you can participate...


Sign up for the 8-Session "Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers" phone class...

Eight sessions guide you through a simple process to clarify your own personal set of spiritual beliefs and practices, and to implement them in your daily life.

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Here's what you can expect when you're done with the class...


You'll feel regularly connected to "something larger that connects us all". 

This is that feeling of the presence of God (or whatever name you call it), and feeling it in a way that fits for you. This ultimately means feeling more peace, happiness, meaning, support and trust in life. 

• You'll have your own clearly identified set of spiritual beliefs.

You'll have identified the specific names or words that you use when referring to "something larger", and you'll have identified the truths that are true to you about this something larger. 

• You'll have your own set of spiritual practices that fit your style.

These practices are what help you connect with something larger more regularly. They can be of your own making or a mix of practices from already-established religions or spiritual traditions. They will be in a style that really fits you and they will be integrated into your daily life. 

• You'll have your own clearly identified spiritual code to live by. 

Every religion or spiritual tradition provides a set of guidelines to live by (The Ten Commandments is a good example). You'll identify your own code, based on your spiritual beliefs. Your code guides you to make lifestyle choices that lead to a more meaningful and fulfilled life. 

• You'll be living with more purpose and passion.

If something larger connects us all, we are each unique divine expressions of it. Your passions, interests, gifts and purpose in life are your unique divine expression. The class guides you to identify these and to enjoy and express them more in your daily life. 

• You'll have a community of people to gather with around spirituality.

Read more about In-Person Gathers below. 

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for the Recipe for Spirituality phone class



Attend In-Person Gathers near you...

Sacred House is an official worldwide community that organizes Gathers for people who believe in something larger that connects us all, and at the same time are not drawn to participate in a specific religion or spiritual path. Every Sacred House Gather rests on the foundation that there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people, and when we come together, we can clarify even more about our own spiritual beliefs and practices by learning about the spiritual beliefs and practices of others. This is a special community of a group of others who, just like you, care about having a sense of spirituality in their lives. 

Weekly Sunday Gathers at our Boulder Main location (If you happen to live near Boulder, Colorado)

If you live near Boulder, Colorado, you can pop in to any of our weekly Sunday Gathers at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place when your schedule allows. Boulder Main Gathers include spiritual practices that fit for every style of spirituality and activities, special events, guest speakers and teachers for continued learning.  Follow this link to the Boulder Main calendar page.

• Regional Gathers near you (If you don't live near Boulder)

All phone class participants and graduates will have access to Regional Gathers which take place once every three months in a location near you. These Gathers are an opportunity for Sacred House participants in your region to get to know from each other, learn from each other and have fun with Sacred House spiritual practices that fit for all spiritual styles. Sacred House will provides direction as to how to run these Regional Gathers, and content if you need it. You'll find out more about Regional Gathers in your area when you sign up for the phone class. 

• Gathers with your own friends & family 

Once you sign up for the phone class, you may have family and/or friends who are also participating in the class, or who want to gather with you around spirituality. We'll teach you how to call together these private friend and family Gathers, and Sacred House will even provide content if you need it. 

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