"As many definitions of spirituality as there are people."

Sacred House is an official home and solution for the growing population of people who believe that something larger connects us all, and at the same time are not drawn to participate in a specific religion or spiritual path.

If you yearn to have more spirituality in your life, but do not see any religions, institutions or traditions that fit you, Sacred House is a solution. Our phone classes provide a simple process to clarify your own personal set of spiritual truths and practices, creating a richer, more meaningful and purpose-filled life than when your spirituality is not actively developed. Our in-person Gathers bring you together with individuals and families in your area who are taking this same approach so that you can enjoy connection with others who value spirituality too. 

We genuinely believe there are as many definitions and practices of spirituality as there are people. We also believe that you can easily integrate more spirituality into your day-to-day life in a way that really fits your style. We invite you to discover your own unique recipe for spirituality!


We're based in Boulder, CO, 

but you can participate from anywhere in the world

via our phone classes and in-person Gathers...



Learn about our simple 8-session Recipe for Spirituality phone classes for different lifestyle tracks: for Busy Professionals, for Parents & Families, for Students and for Spiritual Seekers. Clarify your own personal set of spiritual truths & practices, and integrate them into your daily life. 

Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Spirituality for Parents & Families

Spirituality for Parents & Families

Spirituality for Students & Seekers

Spirituality for Students & Seekers


Sacred House Gathers take on various forms - if you're near our Boulder, Colorado home base, you can attend Weekly Sunday Gathers at our Boulder Main location (see below). If you're not near Boulder but are participating in one of our phone classes, you can attend Regional Gathers or we'll teach you how to have Mini Gathers with your interested family & friends.

This Sunday's Gather & Brunch at our Boulder Main Location:

August 16th, 2015

The Soul of Money

At Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place - 2027 13th Street in BoulderGathers are from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm, with community brunch afterward. Come for Shine's yoga class at 10 am too!

Join in our weekly gathering to clarify your own spiritual truths & practices. Gathers include guided activities, song meditation, spiritual practices for all styles of spirituality, and monthly teachers from diverse traditions. This Sunday is another "Summer of Abundance" Gather - this time it's a meaningful dive into The Soul of Money, inspired by the book of the same name by Lynne Twist. We'll explore this book's unique perspective on prosperity and abundance, which comes from the author's many years raising money for non-profits and having the opportunity to spend time with a broad range of people - from those who have little to no money, to those who are extremely affluent, to everyone in between. As a result, she offers incredible spiritual insights and practices for true, lasting and deeply satisfying prosperity. Plus, her solutions are surprising and accessible. We'll try on some practices from the book and each clarify our own spiritual truths about money and prosperity in the process. For full details on the when & where, etc, visit our Gathers Page here. 

All About Sacred House and How To Participate

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At Sacred House spirituality means something different for each person, and that's the beauty of it.

The one premise is that something larger connects us all. From there we diverge with our different views about what that means, what we call it and how we practice and express it in our lives. Via In-Person Gathers and Recipe For Spirituality phone classes, we clarify each person's unique set of spiritual truths & practices, while learning from each other and enjoying meaningful community.

If one or more of the following describes you, then you're in the right place...

• You've never found one religion or spiritual path that's felt like a good fit for you, and at the same time you believe in something larger and sense that if you connected with this more regularly, it would enrich your life. 

• The phrase "spiritual but not religious" speaks to you. 

• You want a meaningful spiritual context for your children, or for you and your partner or spouse, and are still looking for the right context. 

• You've dipped in to different communities & paths - churches, meditation practices, temples, new age or earth-based approaches, etc, and none of them have quite felt like your spiritual home. 

• You've been part of a specific community or path, and are now drawn to other perspectives. 

• You're exploring, or want to explore, your spirituality and what it means to you. 


Sacred House has the utmost respect for religion and time-tested spiritual traditions, and at the same time recognizes that a growing number of people are yearning for additional options...

This yearning does not come from being against religion or tradition, but rather from a poignant honesty within that recognizes that none of the religions or traditions happen to truly feel like home. At Sacred House, the term "spiritual but not religious" is not an anti-religion term, rather it's just a description of an experience: "Hmm, I'm definitely a spiritual person, and yet I haven't felt 'at home' with any religion or I'm wanting to explore outside of religion. What do I do with that?" Many of our participants would love to feel the simplicity of a true fit with an already-existing religion or path, but their journey is a different one - to discover a tailored and personal set of spiritual truths & practices. As we each clarify this personal set of spiritual truths and practices, many look to religions and traditions as sources of wisdom, in addition to the wisdom that resides within. Some have even picked specific religions or paths once clarity is attained. At Sacred House, we support each participant's unique truth, and to discover what that is. 


Sacred House is for a growing population

In 2012, the Pew Research Center for Religion and Public Life released survey results showing that those who answered a question about their current religion by saying they were atheist, agnostic or "nothing in particular" went from 15.3% of all U.S. adults in 2007 to 19.6% in 2012. adults. That's 13 million (6%) self-described atheists and agnostics, along with 33 million (14%) who say they have no particular religious affiliation. An additional survey found that "many of the country's 46 million unaffiliated adults are religious or spiritual in some way. Two-thirds of them say they believe in God (68%). More than half say they often feel a deep connection with nature and earth (58%), while more than a third classify themselves as 'spiritual' but not 'religious' (37%), and one-in-five (21%) say they pray every day. 

That's a lot of people with no particular place to go for spirituality! And that's why Sacred House. An official spiritual home that guides you to discover what your spirituality means to you, and how you experience it and express it in your life. A recognition that your spirituality is so much more than "nothing in particular", and that in fact you have your own unique recipe for spirituality just waiting to be recognized. An official place for you and this growing population of people who haven't had a "sacred house" to call their spiritual home. 


So welcome home. Here's how to come on in...

Clarify your own personal set of spiritual truths and practices in the company of others who are doing the same by attending our 8-Session Recipe For Spirituality phone classes and our In-Person Gathers. We've found it's useful to provide tracks that fit different lifestyles, so you'll choose from one of four Participation Tracks - Busy Professionals, Parents & Families, College Students and Spiritual Seekers. 

• Learn about our 8-Session Recipe For Spirituality phone classes. 

• Learn about Gathers at our Boulder Colorado Main Location and Worldwide.

For Busy Professionals

For Busy Professionals

For Parents &amp; Families

For Parents & Families

For Students &amp; Seekers

For Students & Seekers

8-Session "Recipe For Spirituality" Phone Classes

Clarify your personal set of spiritual truths & practices and integrate them into your daily life

With learning tracks for busy professionals, parents, students and seekers

If you yearn to have more spirituality in your life, but do not see any religions, programs or traditions that fit you, our Recipe For Spirituality phone classes facilitate you to create your own Spiritual System -  your personal set of spiritual truths and practices, which you then integrate into your daily life in a way that really works for you. We've discovered different lifestyle needs when it comes to spirituality, so we've created Participation Tracks for Busy Professionals, for Spiritual Seekers, for Parents & Families and for College Students. 


Read the following descriptions to see which Participation Track best fits you, then scroll below to read all about the class...

Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals

Participation Track:  For Busy Professionals

You've got a busy work schedule, a social life on the weekends and maybe even a partner or spouse. You would go to church or some other type of religious or spiritual religious gathering, but none of these seem to be quite the right fit for you and you're also short on time. At the same time, you would really like to have some kind of spirituality in your life. You believe that something larger connects us all, and you may think of it as any of many names - God, nature, energy, spirit, The Universe, etc. You have felt this connection on your own, but you sense that it would be even better if it weren't so random. You'd like to have some sort of spiritual practice, but it needs to fit who you are. You haven't found a solution for this and in a way you've been resigned that perhaps you never will, but you are still open...


Recipe for Spirituality for Parents &amp; Families

Recipe for Spirituality for Parents & Families

Participation Track:  For Parents & Families

Now that you're a parent, you'd really like your child/ren to have some sort of meaningful spiritual context that reinforces the values that are important to you, but none of the religions or spiritual paths feel like a good fit for you and your family. So, this part of life goes unaddressed. It's not that your family life suffers per se, but you sense that if there was some form of spirituality in the mix, or even a spiritually like-minded community to participate in, that this would add even more richness to your child's life and to your experience as parents. You do believe that something larger connects us all, and you may think of it as any of many names - God, nature, energy, spirit, The Universe, etc. You are very open to more spirituality in your family's life, but you just haven't been able to figure out how.  


Recipe for Spirituality for Students &amp; Seekers

Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers

Participation Track:  For Students & Seekers

You are on a path of conscious growth, and you are either just beginning to explore your spirituality, or it's already part of your life. You may just be getting started or you may have already dipped into many different kinds of religions, paths and traditions and found value in all of them but never felt that any one of them was your true spiritual home. You do believe that there is something larger that connects us all, and you may call it by any of many names - God, nature, energy, spirit, The Universe, etc. If you could find a spiritual context that feels like it really fits you, then you would feel you had filled in a missing piece in your life. You're willing to keep looking as you continue to grow...


Once you've decided on a Participation Track, here's what you can expect when you're done with the phone class...


• You'll feel regularly connected to "something larger that connects us all".

This is that feeling of the presence of God (or whatever you like to call it), and feeling it in a way that fits for you. This ultimately means feeling more peace, happiness, meaning, support, purpose and trust in life. If you have children, this means more joy, love and a sense of being special in the world while respecting that the rest of the world is special too. 

• You'll have your own set of clearly identified spiritual truths.

You'll have identified the specific names or words that you use when referring to "something larger", and you'll have identified the truths that are true to you about this something larger. If you have a spouse in the mix, you will have identified your individual truths, and if they are different, you will have explored how they can go together. If you have children, you'll learn how to help them discover their own truths. 

• You'll have your own set of spiritual practices tailor-made for you.

These practices help you connect with your spiritual truths and with something larger more regularly for a more rich, fulfilling and purpose-filled life. The practices can be of your own making or they can be from already-established religions or spiritual traditions. They'll be in a style that really fits you so that you'll actually do them! If you have children, you'll create meaningful practices for your whole family. 

• You'll be living with more purpose and passion.

If something larger connects us all, we are each unique divine expressions of it. Your passions, interests, gifts and purpose in life are your unique divine expression. The class teaches you how to identify these and to enjoy and express them more in your daily life. 

• You'll have a group of people to gather with around spirituality.

Sacred House connects you with Regional Gathers, or you can also learn how to have a Mini Gather with interested family & friends. To read all about In-Person Gathers in Boulder, Colorado and worldwide, visit our Gathers page here. 


Class Structure

Eight sessions guide you through a simple process to clarify your own Spiritual System - your personal set of spiritual truths and practices - and then to implement them in your daily life in a way that fits you. The class is held on a conference call platform, and each of the eight sessions is one hour long. Your instructor is Lisa Hunter - Founder and Director of Sacred House. Lisa will spend the first forty minutes of each session with Q & A as participants share about working with the lesson from the previous week. During the last twenty minutes of each class, Lisa will give a new lesson, plus simple homework to complete before next class. This format allows for rich conversation, with participants learning from each others' questions and reflections, and from hearing Lisa's coaching suggestions. All homework is easy to do and easy to integrate into your daily life. 


Rolling Admission

8-Session Cycles: Classes are on Tuesdays and happen in 8-session cycles. When an 8-session cycle completes, another begins the next week. 

Start On Any Tuesday: You can join in at any time, which means you don't have to start with Session One. You can start with any of the eight sessions and continue until you've attended all eight. 

Multiple Cycles: You're done with the class when you've participated for as many eight-session cycles as you feel you need. The beauty of this class structure is that it supports you to develop your own personal set of spiritual truths and practices over time. The eight-session cycle is a complete class in and of itself, AND if you participate for additional cycles, you find new depth in the lessons and homework, with each round revealing more solutions for integrating your very own brand of spirituality into your daily life. 



We know you're busy, so if you're not able to make a class, no worries, it's always recorded and we'll send you a link to each recording.



Recipe for Spirituality for Students & Seekers:  Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm Pacific/ 5:00 pm Mountain/ 6:00 pm Central/ 7:00 pm Eastern

Recipe for Spirituality for Busy Professionals:  Every Tuesday at 5:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Mountain/ 7:00 pm Central/ 8:00 pm Eastern

Recipe for Spirituality for Parents & Families:  Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00 pm Mountain/ 8:00 pm Central/ 9:00 pm Eastern



$40/month for one eight-session cycle (two months) = $80 for the eight-session cycle. This is billed on a monthly basis at $40/month. The number attending each phone class is unlimited which is why we are able offer such a great price, basically $10 per session. This allows you to affordably attend as many cycles as you like, and to relax into your learning.


Sign Up! Or Got Questions? 

Submit this contact form with any question at all, or if you want to sign up, indicate your Participation Track and we'll send you a payment button with instructions for how to begin. Once you make your first $40 payment, your class access begins the following Tuesday. 

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