In-Person Gathers

Build your Recipe For Spirituality and be part of our community family by participating in our guided activities, guided meditations and different kinds of spiritual practices to see what fits you. Gathers are for everyone - individuals, couples and families, and you can attend or host a Gather anywhere in the world. See below to find a Gather near you!

 Click here for our Boulder, CO location                 Click here for our Portland, OR location

And if you don't live near Boulder or Portland...

Learn about Sacred House Mini Gathers local to you by attending our Recipe For Spirituality course, which is accessible from anywhere in the world. As a course participant, we'll connect you with other nearby Sacred Housers who've started Mini Gathers, or if there isn't a Mini Gather near you yet, we'll teach you an easy format to start one with interested family & friends or other Sacred Housers in your area. Starting a Mini Gather is easy - Sacred House provides the format and the content, and you just Gather a few folks. Mini Gathers can be as large as 10 to 20 people, but even if it's a small group of two or three, it still counts as spiritual family :) 

Get started with our 3-minute video which shifts you out of the spiritual no-man's land.

And boy that's gonna feel good...

The Most Important Ingredient in Your Recipe for Spirituality