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The Spiritual 8:  Eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality

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The Spiritual 8:  Exploration 7

Good Times Bad Times

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How do you stay connected to something larger during times when you are feeling good, and also during times when you are feeling bad or have lost faith or belief? It’s easy to look to spirituality to feel blissed out, but what about when something happens in your world that doesn’t make sense or seems unfair, like the untimely death of a loved one or a series of hard knocks in life? What if you’re angry with something larger or feel unsupported?

What experiences have happened in your life that have challenged your belief in or connection with something larger? What has helped you and what have you learned? What questions do you still struggle with?

Treat this as an ongoing inquiry, discovering your style for relating with something larger even when you feel estranged from it. Open to finding answers within yourself and to also finding resources that give you guidance. Keep track of what you discover...


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