The Spiritual 8

Eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality


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At Sacred House we are a community of spiritual seekers where there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people, and we support each other to really get to know our own unique spiritual paths.

The Spiritual 8 is a set of eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality. Each exploration helps you find the kinds of answers and touchstones that organized religions or spiritual paths provide their participants, but these answers come from you and are tailored specifically to what you believe and what truly helps you connect with something larger. The Spiritual 8 is a personal book, it's a community book, it's a lively blog and facebook group, it's a focus at our Sunday Gathers, it's a way to create together as a community. 

You can participate if you live near our home base of Boulder, Colorado or from anywhere in the world. Here's how it works in three easy steps...


Step 1:  If you haven't already, download your own Personal Book of 8 document

What if there was a book that described a spirituality that fits you to a tee, and that guided you to connect with something larger in a way that really works for you? What if that book answered your big questions, provided you with spiritual guidance about what you express and contribute in the world, and you could consult the book as a touchstone that always brings you home? What if I told you that book already exists within you and you are invited on a soul family journey with us to bring it out?

The Book of 8 document will walk you through the Spiritual 8 explorations and has room for you to log your answers and insights over time. As you engage with the Spiritual 8 explorations, your Book of 8 becomes your very own guide to your personal spirituality. 

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Step 2:  Consult our online Community Book of 8 for inspiration, plus contribute your own answers to inspire others

By adding your answers and entries from your own Personal Book of 8 to our online Community Book of 8 blog pages, you will inspire others in their own explorations, plus you can consult the Community Book of 8 to see what others have contributed to inspire your own Spiritual 8 journey. As your Personal Book of 8 evolves over a lifetime, our Community Book of 8 will be something we create together, making a difference in the world.

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Step 3:  Stay connected with the Spiritual 8 process via social media by joining our private Facebook group

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More about The Spiritual 8

If there's anything I've learned from facilitating Sacred House locally here in Boulder, it's that we are a group of very deep, thoughtful, meaning-oriented people who value spirituality as an important part of our lives and who want to deepen that connection, discover it, ignite it, revive it, celebrate it or all of the above. But what is spirituality anyway? When I ask Sacred House participants, "How would you describe your spirituality", the answers are often vague, not because we don't know what it feels like to connect with something larger, but simply because we are not the type of people to follow one religion or spiritual path that gives specific direction about what it means to be spiritual, and therefore we don't tend to walk around with pat answers about these things!

The Spiritual 8 explorations help you create answers and touchstones that any religion would normally provide, but these answers are a reflection of your own personal spirituality. 

Please join in the fun by following the three steps above and becoming a part of our worldwide Sacred House community. Much love to you and excited to share the journey,

Lisa Hunter

Founder, Sacred House