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Build a spiritual foundation that really fits you and that facilitates greater connection to yourself, to something larger than yourself and to the life you really want to be living.

All while being part of a down-to-earth, vibrant spiritual family.


Spirituality is not just religion.

And spirituality is not just new age paths. Spirituality is what you discover it to be for yourself. Imagine finally feeling that spirituality is relevant because it really fits who you are. Spirituality is for everyone, and it is simply a set of practical tools for better living.

At Sacred House, there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people. We support you to create your own recipe for spirituality, and each person's recipe is different. Spirituality is not a set of truths that can only be accessed by experts. Rather, it is a set of your own truths, plus practical tools that support you to live your best life. You already possess these truths and tools - we simply teach you to discover them for yourself.

Have you been in the "spiritual no-man's land"? There are so many wonderful religions and organized paths out there, but what if you don't happen to feel you drawn to any of them? The spiritual no-man's land is when you do believe in something larger than yourself, but none of the religions feels like quite the right fit for you, and neither do alternative or new-agey paths. So perhaps you've shelved the idea of spirituality being relevant to you, even though you would love to have something like it in your life. Or perhaps you've tried one path or many, but have not found one that you truly rest into. You sense that having a spiritual home that really fits would fulfill a longing in your heart, and would make your even life better...

A spiritual solution for individuals of all ages, couples and parents & children

The Three Key Ingredients in your Recipe For Spirituality

At Sacred House, we've been passionately exploring the question, "How do you have spirituality and a spiritual home when you don't happen to resonate with a specific organized religion or path?" And that's how the Recipe For Spirituality was born. The ingredients in your Recipe For Spirituality are the key components of your very own spiritual foundation - a set of practical truths and tools that really fit you, and facilitate the life you really want to be living. All in the good company of down-to-earth spiritual family. We've identified these ingredients by taking stock of the major benefits that religion and organized spiritual paths have given participants over the millennia. If you don't happen to resonate with a particular religion or path, or you are searching beyond a particular path, your Recipe For Spirituality allows you to still have these benefits in a way that really fits you...


At Sacred House, every person has their own set of guiding principles to help them stay aligned with their best life. 

At Sacred House, every person has their own set of guiding principles to help them stay aligned with their best life. 

Ingredient One:

Your Own Set of Guiding Principles

Weeks 1 & 2

A common benefit of religions and spiritual paths across time is the provision of a set of guidelines or rules that let you know you're living a "good life." This provides clarity about how to live - "If I just follow this set of guidelines, then I know I'll be living a life of integrity, a good life." At Sacred House, you will discover your own set of guiding principles. These principles remind you of what's important to you. They act as compass points to keep you in alignment with the kind of life you really want to be living, so that when you're 90 and you look back, you feel truly satisfied. We'll teach you three techniques to recognize your guiding principles, and that is the most important part - the skill of recognizing them. Once you know how to do this, you will be able to identify your current guiding principles, and new ones as you grow and change. We will also teach you how to use your guiding principles as practical tools in your day-to-day life.


At Sacred House, the one premise is "something larger connects us all" and that can mean something different for each person.

At Sacred House, the one premise is "something larger connects us all" and that can mean something different for each person.

Ingredient Two:

Spiritual Connection

Weeks 3, 4 & 5

Another common benefit of religions and spiritual paths across time is the provision of practices that strengthen connection with something larger than the individual self. You may call it God, Source, Oneness, Universal Energy, Nature, Quantum Molecules, whatever word works for you. A strong connection of this kind creates a deep sense of trust, support and belonging in the world. We've all had those moments in life where something inexplicable happens or you feel a deep connection to everything, and you just believe without any evidence that we are all connected in a way that our brains can't even begin to comprehend. We'll teach you to discover your own style for accessing this sense of connection regularly, and to create spiritual practices that really fit you. You will open access to the trust, support and sense of belonging that come with spiritual connection, plus to your own inner wisdom connected to that larger intelligence. This connection creates a steady foundation to navigate both the good times and the bad times in life, and to feel intrinsically supported. 


At Sacred House, we strive to know each other for our inherent qualities & gifts and for matters of the heart and soul. 

At Sacred House, we strive to know each other for our inherent qualities & gifts and for matters of the heart and soul. 

Ingredient Three:

Spiritual Family Part 1

Inherent Qualities & Gifts

Week 6

We are each unique expressions of something larger, and having a community family in which your inherent qualities and gifts are known and celebrated (and in which you know and celebrate the inherent qualities and gifts of others) is key to a strong spiritual foundation. In Week 6, you'll learn the skill of recognizing these qualities and gifts in yourself and in others. At Sacred House, the agreement is that we strive to know each other on these levels - beyond the superficial, beyond the masks and images. This allows every person at Sacred House to relax and to know themselves and others in a way that is real and down-to-earth, and in a way that fills the heart and soul. We'll teach you two easy techniques - one to recognize inherent qualities and gifts in yourself and others, and one to interact with others in a way that evokes the inherent qualities and gifts in each person. 


Every Recipe For Spirituality participant will have a way to participate in ongoing spiritual family after the course. 

Every Recipe For Spirituality participant will have a way to participate in ongoing spiritual family after the course. 

Ingredient Three:

Spiritual Family Part 2

How to Create Spiritual Family

Week 7

It is an inherent human longing to belong in community family where we are known and where we are supported in the deep matters of the heart and soul that spirituality addresses. Even a group of two or three creates more of a sense of family than being just one. In Week 7, we'll teach you about the skill of having spiritual family. Yes, in this day and age of so many individuals and families living in individual homes, it's actually a skill and an art to make sure that you have this kind of meaningful community! Luckily, we here at Sacred House have been passionately learning how to create this kind of family for our participants. If you live near our Boulder, Colorado or Portland, Oregon bases,  you can come to our weekly Gathers. If you don't live near these areas, we'll teach you how to create your own Mini Gathers with interested family/friends and/or with other Sacred Housers in your area, or we'll connect you with already-existing Mini Gathers near you. 


Make Your Own Recipe For Spirituality Book or Reminder System

Week 8

Each Recipe For Spirituality ingredient is immediately practical and useful, so for our final session, you gather together all that you've learned and put it in the template that we provide to make your own Recipe For Spirituality book. The idea here is that you can keep the book handy to use in your day-to-day life. Or, if a book is not something you would use, then we'll facilitate you to identify some other creative way to synthesize your Recipe For Spirituality so that it really does support you on a practical, day-to-day basis.


Examples of Recipe For Spirituality benefits

• A busy professional with a 9 to 5 job clarifies her own set of guiding principles and makes choices that better both her personal and professional life. 

• A mom builds her own recipe for spirituality, then creates family traditions that support her children to discover these things too. 

• A business owner strengthens his own style for spiritual connection, which helps him to make business decisions, and to guide his overall vision for his business. 

• A runner (or yogi or climber or artist - anyone engaging in a focused activity) strengthens his connection with something larger, which helps him be in "the zone" of best practice. 

• A student clarifies her inherent qualities & gifts which guide her life direction and choice of major.

All of the above find growth, support and inspiration by learning tools to have spiritual family in their lives. 

Here's What Happens During Each of 8 Tuesday Evening Sessions starting May 3rd, 2016

Each course session is one hour and takes place on our easy-to-access tele-conference and live chat platform. We record all sessions in case you miss a session or want to listen again. Anticipate at least one guided meditation in each session, so make sure you're in an environment where you can focus. During each session we learn a new Recipe For Spirituality tool and the homework activity to practice it. Don't worry, the "homework" is not stressful - each assignment is a simple and fun half-hour exploration where you get to be like a detective and playfully discover more about your own recipe. We also spend time each session discussing how it went with the homework, and this is a great way to learn from each other. 

Recipe For Spirituality Facilitator

Lisa Hunter is the Founder & Director of Sacred House, and she loves teaching Recipe For Spirituality! She is an ordained Interspiritual Minister, having graduated from the two-year program at One Spirit Seminary in New York. Lisa has never been drawn to "teach spirituality" or one set of specific spiritual truths. Instead, she is an expert in teaching you skills to discover your own spiritual truths. You can learn more about Lisa on our About Page here. 

You can also attend the Sunday Evening Coaching Calls

In addition to the weekly Tuesday night course sessions, you can also attend the optional Sunday evening coaching calls which are open to all class participants. This is a time to get tailored help with your specific questions, as Lisa takes Q & A for a full hour. Attend whenever you have a specific question or want to deepen your learning by hearing others' questions. We record this call too, since you can learn a lot from it!

Next Course Starts May 3rd, 2016

All via our easy-access tele-conference and live chat platform

Tuesday Course Session Dates:  

May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st & June 7th, 14th, 21st

5:30 pm Pacific/ 6:30 pm Mountain/ 7:30 Central/ 8:30 Eastern

Sunday Coaching Call Dates (come when you can):  

May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th & June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

6:00 pm Pacific/ 7:00 pm Mountain/ 8:00 pm Central/ 9:00 pm Eastern

What's Included:

• Eight one-hour Tuesday evening sessions.

• Eight one-hour coaching calls. 

• Recorded MP3 of each course session and coaching call. 

• Lesson and homework PDF for each course session. 

• Access to our online chat room during the live calls. 

• Template to make your own Recipe For Spirituality Book or project.

• A concrete plan to use your Recipe For Spirituality in your daily life. 

Deadline to enroll is May 3rd, 2016

$120 for the 8-Week Course

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Peace Of Mind

If this is your first time participating in a Sacred House offering, you might be wondering if it will be of value to you. We understand this and are happy to offer a refund, no questions asked, if you attend your first two sessions and discover that the class is not a fit for you.

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If you're not sure about signing up for the course, our free 3-minute "get started" video is called "The Most Important Ingredient in Your Recipe For Spirituality" and it will help you decide if the course is right for you. The video guides you in the first step to creating your own Recipe For Spirituality, plus it also helps you shift out of the spiritual no-man's land, and that's gonna feel really good. 

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