You are open-minded and aha-oriented. You love to be social and to inspire others while being inspired. You are energized at the thought of making a difference in the world, and you have ideas brewing for how you can make a contribution, or maybe you're already acting on those ideas. You love our Sacred House "spiritual autonomy" approach, because you too believe that our ultimate answers come from within.

Spirituality at Sacred House is simply a set of practical and non-mysterious tools for feeling deeply alive and connected to yourself, others and something larger that connects us all. Whether you think of yourself as "spiritual" or not, from the Sacred House perspective, everyone is spiritual because we each have our own blueprint for finding answers and creating our most fulfilling lives. When you live by this "recipe", you live the life that will bring you great satisfaction, and you'll enjoy the ride with others like you along the way.



At Sacred House we grow together, cultivate dreams and inspire one another.

We invite you to our Events & Classes below!


Socials & Classes - June, 2016

(July Event Write-Ups Coming Soon)


Sunday Social, June 5th:  Nature Adventure - Connect with Sacred Land at the StarHouse

This week we venture out of our cozy home at Shine to spend a moment in nature at the beautiful and sacred StarHouse in Sunshine Canyon!

The StarHouse itself is a building created with the purpose of fostering a connection to something larger, and the land it rests on is not only strikingly gorgeous but has something special to it that you can FEEL. Historically, Native Americans met there for peace-making and ceremonies, and since the early 90s it has been home to a wide variety of nature-based spiritual practices, events, movement arts, and projects. Just visiting it is a guaranteed way to quiet your mind and open your heart.

Our event will be co-led by Corin Blanchard, one of the "visioneers" who is working to shape the future of the StarHouse. She'll explain the winning combination of sacred nature and sacred structure - which permeate everything on the land - and she'll take us through an outdoor guided meditation that helps to connect mind and body. Then we'll explore some thoughts about what it means to connect with nature, to truly listen and receive from the essence of life, and we'll all get a chance to play with what works for us.

Be sure to wear comfy clothes and decent walking shoes, and bring a hat and/or sunscreen if the weather is looking good :)

Details: Please arrive at 11:00 am so you can walk down to the StarHouse with plenty of time for our 11:15 am start. Socials are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required. Detailed driving directions: The StarHouse is located 7 minutes from downtown Boulder in beautiful Sunshine Canyon and give yourself a little bit of extra time if it's your first time driving there. Set your odometer, and from the corner of 4th and Mapleton, continue westward up Sunshine Canyon (Mapleton Ave turns into Sunshine Canyon just west of 4th) for exactly 3.5 miles. You will see a dirt driveway on your right with several mailboxes at 3476 Sunshine Canyon. Proceed up this driveway until you reach the crest of the hill. Park in the lot toward your right. You will see the entrance gate and a short pathway down to the StarHouse.


Sunday Social, June 12th:  Holistic Health for a Vibrant Summer w/special guest Dr. Diane Mueller

 Our guest this week is Dr. Diane Mueller, a functional medicine practitioner, a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and qigong instructor! She combines her broad expertise into a unique approach to health that focuses on identification of both mind and body ailments that cause illness and disease.

You may have heard that the human body is a microcosm of nature and the universe. Diane will help us understand more deeply what this really means and how we can apply that awareness to our everyday lives. In particular, she'll talk about the transition of the mind, body and spirit from spring into summer, and how we can navigate it gracefully. Did you know that the organs of the spring are the liver and gallbladder, while the organs of the summer are the heart and small intestine? When we understand the system that interconnects everything, we can take better care of ourselves on a holistic level.

Diane will teach a combo of qi-gong, acupressure, tapping exercises and other simple methods for spring detox, as well as helping us with how to work with our organs to manage our emotions in daily life. You'll get a chance to experience a shift in energy right away, and head some with tips and tools to keep yourself in balance with all of life. More about Diane on her website here.

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so the Social can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required. The event ends at 12:30 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward. 



Wednesday, June 16th:  Our First Sacred House Journey!

Enjoy a Sacred House Journey through mountain meadows full of wildflowers and sweeping canyon walls. Meet great people and bring a hope, desire or dream you are working on. Sacred House Journey Leader Ken Beitel will guide our group through remarkable mountain beauty and five canyon arch-ways. At each arch-way we'll share a discussion that will help bring our dreams into reality.  You may feel a tad challenged at time yet you will love this truly a warm and exciting evening with new friends.

The hike will be about two hours long with pleasant breaks on a broad easy path. Bring a liter of water, a little snack to share and a light jacket for later on. We'll meet at 5:30pm in front of Cafe Sole, behind the King Soopers at Table Mesa and Broadway in Boulder. Journey Hikes are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required.

Our Journey Hikes are also a Meetup Group - if you'd like to be part of that Meetup group, you can find it here.

Ken Beitel is our Journey Leader - he is the founder and guide of several popular hiking groups on Meetup and is passionate about creating spiritual family in the context of nature. He can't wait to lead you on some great journeys. You can read more about Ken on our Leadership page here. 




Sunday Social, June 19th: Breakthrough Brunch

Join us for the first ever Sacred House Breakthrough Brunch! Looking for a new perspective on an issue that's been puzzling you? Love to give and receive bits of hard-won wisdom from the journey of life? Want to open your mind?

Breakthrough Brunch is a new kind of conversation - a chance to talk with people in a light-hearted but intentional manner that transcends the small-talk and brings us closer to our own truths. Every human being has a unique viewpoint that developed through his or her life experience, and sometimes another person's thoughts are exactly what YOU need to find some clarity. We'll guide the discussion in a way that leaves room for spontaneity and connection and is guaranteed to garner some aha moments. If you've got a question burning in you be sure to bring it - and if not, bring your curiosity and your desire to inspire!

We'll enjoy Shine's delicious brunch together during this social, not after, so bring your appetite too! As always, you are welcome to just have a drink or nothing at all if you prefer, and you are still welcome to participate.

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required. The event ends around 12:30 pm.



Tuesday, June 21st: Preview Intro Workshop for Recipe For Spirituality Class

The workshop guides you through an activity to discover one of your main Guiding Principles and is a great way to see if you'd like to take the full 4-Week Recipe For Spirituality Class starting June 28th, 2016. The $10 workshop is at the YWCA (not yMca at 2222 14th Street in downtown Boulder from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Click here for details about the workshop. 



Sunday Social, June 26th:  Rock Your Gifts!

One of the ingredients in our Sacred House Recipe For Spirituality is to know your gifts and claim them, whether that be in subtle ways that permeate your life, or in big ways that express vibrantly in the world. And one of the most rewarding things about our Sacred House Spiritual Family is that we make it our business to know each other's gifts. When you know your own gifts, and others know your gifts, you can't help but energize them. At Sacred House, we believe the more individuals rocking their gifts... their true super powers... their essential unique qualities... the better we make the world. Imagine if everyone in the world was rocking their true essence - what a different world it would be.

Join us to discover the gifts that each lovely person in our spiritual family brings. Isn't it funny how you can sit in a room full of people and not necessarily ever hear about the amazingness of each person? We're cutting straight to the chase this Sunday. Fun activities will give each of us the opportunity to notice our own gifts and learn about others' gifts. Be open to surprising yourself! This will be a celebration and a mini-workshop and a social all in one, with a touch of goofy rolled in there too ;)

Facilitators: Sacred House Founder Lisa Hunter teams up with the fabulous Diane Whiddon, whose work in the world is all about helping people rock their divine gifts. Diane is great fun to be around, and you can't help but feel the spark of your life when you participate in the activities that she brings. You can learn more about her at

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required.  The event ends at 12:15 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward. 


Tuesday, June 28th: Our summer 4-Week Recipe For Spirituality Class begins

There are as many recipes for spirituality on the planet as there are people. What's yours? The class teaches you to build your own tailor-fit spiritual foundation to live your best life. Discover your own set of Guiding Principles, your own set of "easy on-ramp" Centering Practices and activate your most meaningful goals and dreams with a whole group of like-minded others who are doing the same. Read all about our 4-Week Recipe For Spirituality Class here!