Sacred House Foundational Beliefs

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Sacred House is a home for a new type of spiritual family. We are coming together consciously in order to create a community with the depth of support and connection found in more conventional spiritual groups, while striving to avoid rigidity or dogma that can limit true creative expression. We see Sacred House as a living organism in a constant state of evolution. By articulating the following Foundational Beliefs, our intention is to give the evolution of Sacred House direction, and to give ourselves standards by which to make decisions. We recognize these beliefs may not resonate with everyone – but if you feel them in your heart, then we invite you to come on in and to join us...


1.     Something Larger That Connects Us All 

Our primary foundational belief is that there is something larger that connects us all.  There are infinite names, feelings, and manifestations of this “something,” and we don’t propose any further definition; we simply embrace the premise that this connection is with us at every moment.


2.     Spirituality is... 

At Sacred House, spirituality is simply a set of practical skills for living from your center and feeling deeply alive and connected to yourself, to others and to something larger that connects us all. Given this definition, we believe that each person has their own unique recipe for spirituality. 


3.     Spiritual Autonomy 

We believe that each person is the ultimate authority on their own spirituality, and that we are each inherently responsible for discovering our own answers, and making our own call about what we believe.


4.     Live From Your Center 

We believe that each human being has a center of truth inside of them, a space or feeling that can be accessed through any variety of spiritual practice (and maybe one that you create yourself), where unconditional love, peace, power, unshakeable steadiness, the impulse to create meaning in the world, and the answers to life’s difficult questions can be found.


5.     Blueprint For Your Life 

We also believe that within that place of truth is a blueprint for the highest manifestation of your life.  Every person’s blueprint looks different, with its unique challenges, gifts, and glories, and no one but you can see what you need to do.  When we continue to tap into this place of truth, this center, and to take actions to make that blueprint real, we access an infinite source of energy, the essence of our life force, and both inner and outer fulfillment become present in our lives.


6.     7.125 Billion Recipes for Spirituality 

We believe that each person on the planet has a unique “recipe” to live from his/her center, and for cultivating spirituality in his or her life.  Under the Sacred House roof, we offer structure for creating your basic recipe, and it is then up to you to do the work of mixing, matching, and refining to find the recipe that creates the best result for YOU.


7.     You Are A Divine Expression

Not only is there something larger that connects us all, we are each unique expressions of it. As you access your own recipe for spirituality, you spark the goals and dreams and expression that only you can bring, and that is a powerful gift to the world.


8.     Soul Family 

At Sacred House we recognize that human connection is a power that grows exponentially, and so our community is created and maintained with the intention of fomenting that growth while simultaneously allowing every individual expression to thrive.  We are here to offer respect, connection, and support to each other, and to celebrate together on the beautiful journey of life.


9.     Spirituality in Service 

Our final guideline reminds us that at Sacred House, spirituality is not about simply learning skills or “being spiritual” in the traditional sense. We also focus energy in whatever way we feel we can be of greatest service to ourselves, others, and humanity as a whole.  


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