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What is the Recipe For Spirituality Class?

The Recipe For Spirituality Class is included when you sign up for a 6-Month Sacred House Creation Cycle. At Sacred House, we know that when you have a strong spiritual foundation of your very own, you are best poised to ignite your next exciting goals and dreams. The class teaches you to build your very own, tailor-fit personal spiritual foundation. You'll also contribute to a group of fellow classmates who love to inspire and be inspired, and who focus on making a difference in the world. It doesn't matter if you're someone who's thought of yourself as "spiritual" or not. From the Sacred House perspective, everyone is spiritual, and it is our job to give you access to the tremendous benefits of spirituality in a way that really fits you. At Sacred House, spirituality is simply a set of practical & non-mysterious tools for feeling deeply alive and connected to yourself, others and something larger that connects us all. We believe there are as many recipes for spirituality as there are people...



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Reasons to take the Recipe For Spirituality class

#1: Your Very Own Set of Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles assure that you live your most meaningful, rich, satisfying life - the kind that you'll look back on at age 80 and feel great about.

Most religions or paths have a set of rules or edicts to follow. By following them, participants are assured they're living a life of integrity and meaning. In Recipe For Spirituality, you identify your own set of principles for living the life you want to be living. Two inspiring & oftentimes surprising meditation activities help to identify your personal GPS (Guiding Principle System). 



#2: Your "Easy On-Ramp" Centering Practices 

Centering Practices strengthen your inner peace and wisdom, while giving you greater access to insights, aha moments and the sense of being connected to something larger than yourself. They help you enjoy the ride of life along the way. Most religions and paths teach centering practices, and participants enjoy these benefits. At Sacred House, we want you to have these benefits too, in your own style, so we give you two activities in the class to discover your "easy on-ramp" practices - the ones that you'll love, that really work for you, and that you'll actually do.



#3: Your Goals & Dreams

At Sacred House, we believe something larger connects us all, that we are each unique expressions of it, and the more of this "internal spark" that you activate, the more your life comes alive. Imagine a world in which every person is rocking their internal spark- what a different world it would be.

In the Recipe class, you ignite & catalyze your current goals, dreams and next growing edges. No matter what they are, the more you bring them alive, the more you live your most truly expressed, meaningful and purposeful life. We believe this is not only good for you, but good for the world ;)


#4: Enjoy Spiritual Family

Sacred House is a Spiritual Family - a community of people who make it a point to know each other in a certain way. As a fellow member in your spiritual family, I know the gifts that you bring, what's most important to you, how you want to be living your life, and I stay current on your biggest goals, dreams and growing edges. In turn, you make it a point to know these same things about me. Even if you've already got a great group of friends in your personal life, now imagine a whole village of people who make it a point to know you in this very specific and life-affirming kind of way. When you take the class, you become a member of our Sacred House Family with access to our spiritual family events like Soul Family Parties & more.



Here's How The Class Works

(Next Boulder, CO Class Starts Jan. 23rd, 2017)


4 Class Sessions  

Four Monday evenings - January 23rd & 30th, February 6th & 13th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Plan on a half-hour of fun homework each week.



YWCA of Boulder. 2222 14th Street in downtown Boulder.


Materials & Recordings

You'll receive a PDF workbook each week, plus a template to make your very own Recipe For Spirituality to use for years to come because it will grow and evolve over time. All classes are recorded, so if you miss one, you can listen at your convenience.



Sacred House Founder/Director Lisa Hunter. Read all about her here.



To Sign Up In Boulder CO!

The Recipe For Spirituality Class is included when you sign up for a Sacred House 6-Month Creation Cycle, which is a launch pad to ignite what you are creating next in your life, and to inspire and be inspired. You can start your 6-Month Creation Cycle in any month, just sign up by the last day of any month to start your cycle the following month. Once you sign up, you'll have access to the next scheduled Recipe For Spirituality class, our Launch Pad workbooks & coffee chats and more. Learn all about it here...


Lots of raves about Recipe For Spirituality...

"It made this whole spirituality thing less mysterious - I was thinking 'oh I need all these special tools for spirituality', and it’s like no, I'm already doing a lot of that, now that I’ve recognized it as such. And it’s every day normal stuff that I would never have recognized as 'spiritual' before this class. It’s so simple, rather than it’s all fancy and we have to learn all these fancy things to be spiritual. Throughout the class, I kept looking for answers in the external and I kept realizing they lie within." - ELIZABETH


"I had this idea of what 'spiritual' is, and the class has showed me how it's so many things that I was already doing in my life but didn't realize I could think of as spiritual. Also, I've really liked my guiding principles, they feel approachable because they came from me, and they're important reminders that I can follow easily without feeling like I have to be perfect. They helped me get through a minor surgery this week with a lot less stress and worry. They’ve helped me with some tension I’ve had with my family. And with this big decision about whether or not I'm going to take a new job which requires that moving to California." - WHITNEY 


"Centering practices have helped me create what I want in my life. Before the class, I didn’t necessarily see that I needed to take time with this kind of thing, but this experience made it clear. It’s so easy to be too busy. The practices that I created were around goals and actions, and that’s led to some great results. Subtle things have improved, like being more organized and more focused. And big things too - I’ve taken steps forward with my goals and moved ahead in areas of my life where I’ve been wanting to move ahead. I plan on continuing with my centering practices - they actually make my life better!" - KEN


"The biggest benefit for me has been having the compassion, caring and trust of each person in the group. I carry that with me. Being in this group has been so supportive, and not in a cheesy way. Each person in the class has played a role in my own discovery - I’ve not only benefitted from my own guiding principles, but from hearing others’. And different guiding principles have helped me on different days. I’ve met amazing people and learned a ton from everyone - it’s expanded me and it’s expanded my world." - DAUN


"I’ve felt myself being more clear about my decisions and not worrying about stuff I can’t control. Plus less reactive when challenges come up at work. That’s all due to keeping my guiding principles top of mind. My girlfriend says she can see that difference in me too." - AARON 


"I’ve been one of those people who are I like 'I should meditate' but meditating sounds really horrible to me. And I struggled with the idea that I could even get something like a centering practice into my day. But the more I move up in work and gather more responsibility, the more I’m trying to stay balanced in work and in my personal life because ironically it feels difficult to implement all of the things that are important to me in life with all of the good things that are going on. It’s hard to slow down, I even sometimes get physically exhausted. So, the great thing about this class is that it showed me how to figure out how to create my own centering practices that I will actually do and they’re woven seamlessly in throughout my day without having to take extra time, which is crucial for me. Now I feel more at the center of my life as opposed to being yanked around by life. It’s given me opportunities to slow down and reflect and spend time with my wife who says it’s like my battery is less drained. As a result, I’m more grounded and rejuvenated, and I have more room for the things that I care about. The guiding principles have also kept me tapped into this place, plus they’ve helped me easily make some big decisions that otherwise might have been very confusing and stressful." - ALEX


"One of my favorite moments was when I was talking about my week with one of my classmates and he said, “that doesn’t sound like it fits with your guiding principle of remembering to have fun and enjoy your body.” It wasn’t judgmental or preachy, he just pointed it out, and right then and there it reoriented me to some of the things I most easily forget but that are most important to me. That’s what I’ve loved about this class - that my classmates know these things about me, and I know these things about them, and this causes us to stay more strongly on track with what matters." - LISA


"This class has been a profound experience of how much each and every one of us is already doing in the realm of 'spirituality' - that we are already doing things in our every day lives that support us to feel connected to our selves and each other and something larger, but it’s recognizing those things as such - when we recognize them, then we can really tap into the benefit. That was one of the most powerful takeaways. So there’s nothing new needed, it’s already happening, but now there’s all this new benefit from recognizing it as centering practice. Oh look that makes me more calm, or to feel like I have more time, or more open to enjoying the moment, or more focused and productive. And because these are things I already like, they’re natural to do. Because otherwise it can feel like a chore." - MATTHEW


"One of the centering practices I created has been coming up at work - I told my co-worker about it and she’ll sometimes remember it and remind me to do it, and it makes my work day better. My centering practices have boosted my confidence even higher, and helped me to see where I want to be and how to get there." - ZACHA


"I had a very strong Christian upbringing, and the class has given me the freedom to ask the questions, “What is going to fulfill me” and it’s okay if it’s not necessarily church or bible study - it could be, but it could also be something completely different, and that’s okay. It gave me the freedom to determine what I personally need in order to be fulfilled as a human being. It’s been really helpful to free myself from constraints - to forget the “right” answers and instead see what’s really true for me. In a practical, day-to-day sense, I work in a law office, and my guiding principles have helped me through so many challenging situations with both co-workers and clients. Thank you so much, this has really been amazing." - JERUSHA


"The thing I liked the most was how we made guiding principles that were so personal - the activities caused us to recognize the experiences in our own lives that indicate guiding principles, which made the guiding principles very tangible reference points vs. trying to remember some piece of advice from the outside. Identifying my guiding principles from my own personal experience made them so much more powerful. It reinforced and deepened what I already knew was important about how I live my life, but hadn’t perhaps been prioritizing.’’ - KODY


"This was the perfect incubator to flex and strengthen the muscle of staying in the mindset that I want to stay in. It was a great reminder of some of the values I had already set in motion but wasn’t applying in my life - things that really matter to me. I also made a whole centering practice of my own that I actually use, and it’s helped lower my stress." - TONI


"The class helped me to recognize that there are so many ways to invite spirituality into one’s daily life. It was helpful to hear others’ ideas as well as to formulate my own practice. I realized what a spiritual life I actually DO lead, even without having to name it as such." - KIT