You are open-minded and aha-oriented. You love to be social and to inspire others while being inspired. You are energized at the thought of making a difference in the world, and you have ideas brewing for how you can make a contribution, or maybe you're already acting on those ideas. You love our Sacred House "spiritual autonomy" approach, because you too believe that our ultimate answers come from within.

Spirituality at Sacred House is simply a set of practical and non-mysterious tools for feeling deeply alive and connected to yourself, others and something larger that connects us all. Whether you think of yourself as "spiritual" or not, from the Sacred House perspective, everyone is spiritual because we each have our own blueprint for finding answers and creating our most fulfilling lives. When you live by this "recipe", you live the life that will bring you great satisfaction, and you'll enjoy the ride with others like you along the way.



At Sacred House we grow together, cultivate dreams and inspire one another.

We invite you to our Events & Classes below!


Socials & Classes - July, 2016


Sunday Social, June 10th:  Awesome Action

Service is a primary component of pretty much every spiritual path, and when we take part in it, we start to understand why. Helping others is a chance to expand our sense of self, and ultimately tap into the larger life force that connects us all. This week's Social is an opportunity to share food - and more importantly, attention, energy and love - with the homeless population of Boulder. 

Roger Wolsey will join us at Shine to give us a brief eduction on homelessness in our area. Roger is a chaplain working at CU-Boulder, and during the school year he regularly runs a program called Peanut Butter 'n' Luvin', through which students offer peanut butter sandwiches, conversation and compassion to homeless individuals. He'll teach us how to do the same thing - and then we'll make some sandwiches together, go over to the creek and experience it for our selves. 

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place at 11:00 am so we can start at 11:15 am. Be sure to wear comfy clothes and decent walking shoes, and bring a hat and/or sunscreen. We'll begin the Social at Shine, then do our service around downtown Boulder. Then we'll head back to Shine for our community brunch! As always, you are welcome to eat, drink or just hang with us :)


Sunday Social, July 17th:  Tango Is For Everyone - A Sacred House Dance Party!

This week we are super excited to host our first Sacred House Dance Party!

Our guests are Brian Dunn and Deborah Sclar, who have been teaching Argentinian Tango through their company Dance of the Heart since 1997. They will guide us in a beginner-level introduction to the senusal, heart-opening experience of Tango as a spiritual practice.

You DO NOT have to have any experience at all to participate! Just wear some comfy clothes and come ready to move. The goal here is to have fun, not to be good lol ;)

From their years of experience as teachers and performers, Brian and Deb distill the excitement, mystery and magic of Tango, conveying the vibrancy, intensity, humor, sophistication and sensuality contained within this beautiful art-form, making it accessible to everyone. Learn more about Deb and Brian on their website here. 

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so the Social can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. There will be an opportunity to contribute $5 or $10 after the event, but it is not required. The event ends at 12:30 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward. 


Journey Hike, Thursday July 14th

Sacred House Journey Hikes are a chance to get outdoors, move your body and feel connected - to yourself, to others, to nature and to something larger that connects us all. Enjoy a beautiful hike overlooking Eldorado Canyon and meet great people. On this lovely Journey we'll explore how great our lives can be when we identify how to be a great friend to ourselves.  What are activities you love?  When do you have a sense of contribution? Who do you love spend time with? Let's find out what's possible when we feel loved, energized and excited about our lives. The hike will be about 4ish miles long with enjoyable uphills through lovely meadows. You should be in decent shape and we'll take a good number of breaks and the pace will be moderate.

You can RSVP for the July 14th Journey on the Meetup page here, or reach out to Journey Hike Leader Ken Beitel at or 720-436-2465 via text. Ken is our the founder and guide of several popular hiking groups on Meetup, including Sacred House Journeys - he is passionate about creating spiritual family in the context of nature. You can read more about Ken on our Leadership page here.  

A photo of some of the participants at last month's Journey Hike.

A photo of some of the participants at last month's Journey Hike.



Sunday Social, July 24th:  Map Your Hero's Journey

At Sacred House, what we are really up to under the surface of everything is supporting you to be your fullest, most expressed self, and to know each other in this way. We believe this is not only good for individuals, it is good for the world! This Sunday we're going to bring out the inner hero in each of us with Stephenie Zamora - one of Sacred House's cherished resident coaches. 

The Hero's Journey is a narrative pattern created by Joseph Campbell and is an archetypal process for our many passages in life, small or large, where we're transformed in some way. There's always a metaphorical death and rebirth and returning to the world profoundly changed. You might be at any number of the 12 points on the journey. Stephenie will lead each of us to recognize the Hero's Journey we're on right now, and by recognizing where exactly we are on the path, we gain incredible insight into our next steps. We'll each come away with a Hero's Journey Map that outlines where we've been, where we stand today, and what's on the horizon for us to step more fully into who we're here to be. In Recipe For Spirituality, we go in-depth into creating a vision for your life, and this Sunday's work allows you to get clearer about what needs to happen next to reach that vision. Come get more clear about your own Hero's Journey, where you are right now and your next action steps! 

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. $10 suggested donation. The event ends around 12:30 pm with organic brunch, snacks or tea afterward. 


Journey Hike, July 27th

The Journey on the 27th: Create Your Dream Relationship

The location for this hike will be through beautiful meadows to the 7th Flatiron on Shanahan Ridge.  The roots of the mountains go deep here and will ground us as we move into action and being as we emerge from this very special Journey.

Relationships - be it friends or a special romantic partner can add so much joy to life.   In this day and age dating and relationships raise a million questions.   How can we ever get it right? And do we need to?  Guest speakers on the hike include expert dating coach Antoinette Cabral (click for bio) and wedding minister extraordinaire Lisa Hunter. Discussion between the guest speakers and Journey participants will be facilitated by Journey Guide Ken Beitel. Learn how you can inspire and be open to amazing partnerships that rock your world!
RSVP on the Meetup page here or contact Ken our Journey Hike Leader at or text 720-436-2465.


Sunday Social, July 31st:  Catalyst Cafe

Creating something in your life right now?

Or, want to be creating something but not quite sure what it is?

This Sunday's Social will give you insight into what you want to create in your life and next steps for creating it. You can come with a dream or a vision, or you can come looking for clarity about what your dream or vision might be. We'll set up like a cafe and move from table to table, having fun with interactive, high energy activities to catalyze insights for each person. This is Sacred House at its best - when many people come together to spur insights in one another, good things happen!

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. $10 suggested donation.  The event ends at 12:15 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward.