Past Gathers

January, February & March, 2016

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Jan. 10th Gather:  Getting Good at Receiving Gifts

Getting Good at Receiving Gifts - spiritual practice shared by Sacred House founder Lisa Hunter. See above for full description. 

Jan. 17th Gather:  Owl Nature Wisdom + A Bonus Hike!

Special guest Ken Beitel, leader of Boulder CHAOS hiking group and the Boulder Great Horned Owl Preserve will share his story of connection with nature, activism and spirituality, plus a spiritual practice based in his love for owls. Ken has helped to create several nature preserves in Canada and is working on creating the first Great Horned Owl preserve in America and it's right here in Gunbarrel. Ken will also lead a hike to see the owls in Gunbarrel later in the afternoon, after our Gather. The Gather is from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm with brunch afterward, and we'll head over to Gunbarrel at 2:00 pm for the hike. Make a whole afternoon of it at Sacred House and then in nature.

Jan. 19th Sacred House Social:  Green Drinks Boulder Film Screening

Green Drinks Boulder is a group for environment and sustainability. Come join us at their event where they will be showing a screening of a film from the Colorado Environmental Film Festival. This event also happens to be at shine, our Sacred House home base, so that's fitting! Meet in the Shine lounge at 5:30 pm for drinks and socializing, then we'll head in for the film. Event cost is $5. Here's a link to the event on Facebook.

Jan. 24th Gather:  Pilgrimage Journey El Camino de Santiago

In November of 2015, special guest Beth Erlander walked part of El Camino de Santiago, a well-traveled and historical pilgrimage route in Spain and France  - a spiritual journey on so many levels. She will share her story which is full of wisdom and insight that you can use in your own spiritual journey. To learn more about Beth and the life journey that brought her to walk El Camino, visit her website here. 


Jan. 26th Sacred House Social:  Support the Creation of a Boulder Owl Preserve

Our special guest from our Jan. 17th Gather, Ken Beitel, will be speaking at the Boulder City Council meeting to request that they make the choice to support the creation of an Owl Preserve in Gunbarrel. We'll make it a Sacred House social to get together in the city council lobby at 5:00 pm to show support of Ken before the meeting, and then go get some warm drinks afterward. 

Jan. 31st Gather:  Sheng Zhen with Miles Nichols

Special guest Miles Nichols of Boulder Whole Food Nutrition and leader of the Boulder Sheng Zhen group will teach us Sheng Zhen practices which are described as "the qigong of unconditional love". Each Sheng Zhen movement form embodies the essence of a different spiritual teacher in history, like Confucius, Buddha and more. Come hear about Miles' journey and learn a Sheng Zhen practice or two!

Feb. 7th Gather:  Heart Yoga Meditations


Immerse in meditation practices for your heart with Tucker Shelton this Sunday. Tucker is a fabulous teacher - he'll share a bit about his own spiritual journey, plus some profound and grounding heart meditations from the Hatha Yoga tradition. These are practices that we'll do sitting or standing, so no yoga mats or advanced skill sets are needed. Everyone can join in!



Saturday, Feb. 13th from 1:oo to 2:30 pm is a Special Valentine's Social for couples & singles: "Love Is In the Air" with special guest Antoinette Cabral

This Saturday will be a mix of fun activities to energize the love in your life whether you are single or coupled, plus social activities to get to know each other in a meaningful way. Join us from 1:00 pm to 2:30 for activities, then stay after for drinks, snacks and socializing. It's a Valentine's afternoon social! Come learn new tools for love, meet new friends and maybe even meet someone special :)

Antoinette is a love & dating coach with years of experience helping men and women empower love within and for themselves while finding the relationship of their dreams. She has studied around the world under a variety of teachers and developed a system for attracting and creating healthy partnerships based on her knowledge and experiences. Whether you are partnered, single, or anything else in between, Antoinette will have wisdom to offer you regarding the world of partnership and love. Her website is

*No Sunday Gather on Sunday, Feb. 14th - instead come to our special Valentine's Event on the Saturday, Feb. 13th!


Feb. 21st Gather:  The Art of Sacred Breathing

Tom Duffy has been teaching breathing and meditation techniques for more than two decades via a program called the Art of Living. He'll share a simple and profound technique with us this Sunday. Tom is a heartfelt teacher who has also done amazing work to bring meditation and breathing techniques to prisons across America. Join us this Sunday to breathe for heart and soul. 


Feb. 25th:  Special Event at Impact HUB in downtown Boulder - "Life Balance to Fuel Your Purpose"

Sacred House's very own Lisa will give a lunch time workshop to entrepreneurial folks at Impact HUB, an innovative co-working space in downtown Boulder. If you're an entrepreneur and own your own business, you're likely struggling with work-life balance issues because there's always more to do when running a business. And your'e so passionate about your work that it feels good to put so much into it. But there's also a point when you can feel burnout beginning to set in. Lisa will share a simple spiritual tool that helps stop burnout and support balance without even trying! This mini workshop is at lunch time from 12 to 12:30 pm. For full details and location, visit the event page here. 

Feb. 28th Gather:  Miracle Launching

In the celebration of our Miracle Launching Workshop & Group starting March 5th, Sacred House's very own Founder/Director Lisa Hunter will share a manifestation practice that she's been using for years in her personal life and that Sacred Housers tend to love. The great thing about Miracle Launching is that it's a spiritual practice that keeps you in a state of trust, purpose, possibility and support as you move toward your goal. It is from this place that miracles are most likely to happen, plus it feels good to live from that place! Come join us on Sunday, and you can learn all about Miracle Launching on our Miracle Launching Course Page here.


March 6th Gather:  Zen Meditation with special guest Paul Gyodo

This week, join our special guest of the Boulder Zen Meditation Meetup Group for a taste of an ancient and profound meditation style. Paul Gyodo, Sensei has practiced Zen meditation for over 25 years and received Dharma Transmission in the White Plum Zen lineage. His style as an instructor comes from a foundational belief that stillness and silence are powerful restorative forces and can connect you to a deeper sense of self beyond your concepts and ideas. Meditation in general cultivates this energy, and group practice magnifies it. Check out Paul's Meetup Group here:

March 13th Gather:  Centering and Stillness

Busy week, right? This Sunday's Gather is a break from all of that, a mini vacation to remember center through stillness. It's an opportunity to give yourself the gift of being silent and doing nothing. It's often hard to make time to do this on your own, so this Gather will create the space for you. We'll do our regular Sacred House opening activities, then enjoy time together in silence for the Heart of the Gather. We'll give you a practice to center in stillness, and to receive the gifts from within that come from that centering. 


March 20th Gather:  Animal Communication

We recently met with Andrea Floyd to learn about what it means to be an Animal Communicator. She is a wonderfully down-to-earth woman who experienced a Baptist childhood while at the same time feeling that there was much more to life than the very specific rules of that religion. One of the personal truths that she had the courage to claim on her journey is that we are communicating with one another all the time in ways that we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears. Andrea has been showing dogs professionally since the 1990's, and over time she has developed a profound ability and passion to help animals communicate with the humans that love them - and vice versa! She believes this is a sense that anyone can tap into, and she will teach us a simple technique this Sunday. Come strengthen your spiritual muscle for feeling the interconnection between all sentient beings and hear some amazing stories from Andrea's journey too!

March 27th Sunday Gather:  Ignite Your Light - Spring Celebration

This Sunday begin spring with positivity, abundance and connection at our mini festival of lights!

What would you like to ignite in your life right now? Maybe it's dream that's been percolating for a while and is ready to take flight? Maybe there's a way of being that you crave to express more in the world. Maybe you are passionate about something that you believe really makes a difference. As of March 20th, it's officially spring and it's time to shine. Come celebrate in our mini festival of lights this Sunday - ignite your light and begin spring with abundance, positivity and connection.

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