Miracle Launching 4 Week Course

Let's launch your miracle!

Next course starts March 5th, 2016 in Boulder

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• Launch your most important goals with a process that keeps you in a state of trust, possibility and feeling unequivocally supported by creative forces larger than yourself. 

• All while getting to know a down-to-earth, vibrant spiritual family.


The best thing about Miracle Launching is that it's a process that keeps you steadily connected to a sense of purpose, trust and possibility regardless of how the path to your goal unfolds. As a group, we get to know each other's most important goals, and we support and cheer each other on as we move toward them. There is something so powerful about moving toward what you want in life with a team by your side! 

Miracle Launching is Sacred House Founder Lisa Hunter's own home-made spiritual practice that she's used in her own life for many years. It's basically a "best-of" compilation of all the manifestation techniques she's learned during the course of her spiritual and personal growth journey, and she loves sharing it and helping each person find their style for using it. Lisa didn't intend to offer Miracle Launching as a class, but one day she shared the process in a Gather and Sacred Housers loved it, plus many started implementing the process themselves and wanted guidance from Lisa along the way. Soon it became a class! So, just like we do in our Sunday Gathers, this class is a chance to "try on" someone else's spiritual practice and see how it fits with your own style. Lisa has experienced some breath-taking results with Miracle Launching - come to the Preview Event on February 29th to hear more...

The Five Steps of Miracle Launching


Step 1:  Craft Your Goal, Set Your Miracle

There is actually an art to crafting your goal so that it's one that you can actually manifest. You'll learn an easy meditation to get clarity about the true goal for your Miracle Launch, then you'll craft it with powerful wording.

Step 2:  Create the Connection

In Miracle Launching, you are drawing on your connection with something larger than yourself, whatever that means for you. We'll teach you to create a collaborative connection that facilitates solutions & synchronicity.

Step 3 & 4:  Energize the Connection

Once collaborative connection is created, it's time to energize that connection. The beauty of connection-energizing process is that your goal becomes much more tangible, and your sense of possibility is amplified.

Step 5:  Stay in a Miracle Mindset

Once you've launched your Miracle, you'll take three important steps to stay in a "miracle mindset". In the process, you'll learn more about yourself and your goal, plus grow and deepen your unique spiritual foundation.


Miracle Launching Facilitators

Lisa Hunter is the Founder & Director of Sacred House, and she loves teaching Miracle Launching! She is an ordained Inter-spiritual Minister, having graduated from the two-year program at One Spirit Seminary in New York. Lisa has never been drawn to "teach spirituality" or one set of specific spiritual truths. Instead, she is an expert in teaching you skills to discover your own spiritual truths, and Miracle Launching is a process that will support you to recognize even more of your own spiritual style. 

Kit Van Winkle is Sacred House's resident Miracle Launching aficionado :) She has been avidly studying Miracle Launching with Lisa and has substantially contributed to refining the Miracle Launching process. She'll be part of our course as a participant who can also support other participants to troubleshoot and understand the finer subtleties of Miracle Launching. 



Here's what happens in the 3-Hour Workshop and the 4 Group Sessions:

The workshop on March 5th is three hours and teaches you the foundational 5-Step Miracle Launching process, plus creates cohesiveness within our group as we learn the steps together and get to know each other's goals. We follow-up with four consecutive Monday group sessions. Each meeting is one hour and we use that time to practice the Miracle Launching process until we know it inside and out. We also spend time each session discussing how participants' launches are going, and learn much from each other as a result. 


Next Course Starts March 5th, 2016

Course Session Dates:  

Three-Hour Workshop:  March 5th from 10:30 to 1:30 pm 

Monday Group Sessions:  March 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th at 5:15 pm

Location:  YWCA of Boulder at 2222 14th Street, near the corner of Pine & 14th.

What's Included:

• Three-Hour Foundational Workshop.

• Four one-hour group sessions as you launch your miracle.

• Miracle Launching Guide Lesson and Workbook PDFs.

• Facilitation, troubleshooting and group support.

Enroll by March 5th, 2016

$65 for the 4 Week Course

*Once we receive your payment, you'll be officially enrolled. We'll send an email with full details to get started! If you don't see information from us within 24 hours, check your spam filters, and if still no email, then contact us at hello@sacredhouse.org to let us know. Sign up online or bring a check to the first day of class on March 5th.


Peace Of Mind

If this is your first time participating in a Sacred House offering, you might be wondering if it will be of value to you. We understand this and are happy to offer a refund, no questions asked, if you attend the first hour of the workshop and discover that the class is not a fit for you.


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