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Have you been wondering what to do about this whole "spirituality" thing for your children?

If so, you’re not alone. Like so many of today’s parents, maybe you were raised with some kind of organized religion, but haven’t felt naturally drawn to continue that path with your own family. Or perhaps you were raised more alternatively, but you still crave that your children have a community in which they can grow up with a clear set of values and a culture of caring about others. You don't have an issue with taking a different path, but the problem is - what path to take? You’ve been keeping an eye out, but there’s nothing out there that truly fits with what you believe, or that fits the “vibe” of community that feels right to you.

Hi, I’m Lisa Hunter, I’m the Founder of Sacred House. For about a decade, I was a children's environmental educator and performing singer-songwriter, and now I’m an Interspiritual Minister, which in my case means that I believe there are as many recipes for spirituality as there are people. I started Sacred House for Families because I constantly heard parents describe to me the same conundrum: “We’re not really drawn to church, so we don’t take our kids there, but then I’m worried that they're missing out on something. None of the other paths are quite right either, though. So then we’re stuck with nothing and I don’t know what to do, so I tuck the issue away, but then a holiday like Christmas comes up, or my child asks a question about life that I wish I had help answering, and I’m back wondering the same thing all over again.” 

This is a really common dilemma in our culture right now!

And that's why Sacred House Family Programming...


Hi, I'm Paige Doughty and I'm the Sacred House Director of Spiritual Education. Our Sunday Gathers, interactive educational videos, Family Socials and meaningful parent-child activities facilitate you to discover your family's tailor-fit Recipe For Spirituality without having to try hard or go through some complicated process. You'll also discover a wonderful community of like-minded families to enjoy the journey with. 

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