Family Events & Membership

Join in our Sunday Family Gathers, Monthly Learning Themes, Meaningful Parent-Child Activities, Family Socials and more!

We've lined it out for you in 2 easy steps because we know you're busy ;)


Step One:  Attend our next Gather, plus download our guidebook

Sunday Family Gathers

Family Gathers are the first Sunday of every month. They are fun, interactive and meaningful parent-child events with song and movement, plus the month's surprise theme with a captivating lesson to go along with it. Each theme ties in with our Sacred House foundational values: To help your children to recognize their unique essence and gifts, to feel connected to others and to something larger than themselves, and to contribute meaningfully to the larger whole. 

Next Family Gather is in April, 2017 stay tuned.
10:00 to 11:00 am, with snacks or brunch after.
At Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place
2027 13th Street in downtown Boulder
Suggested donation of $20, plus cost of any food.



Free Guidebook: 5 Easy Steps to Create Meaningful Spiritual Practices for your Family

We've identified the main benefits of spirituality across paths and religions over the millennia, then distilled out the benefits, leaving behind the dogma. Our "5 Easy Steps" Guide teaches you our simple system to create simple practices to connect you and your children with the important values and beliefs that are unique to your family. Click here to get the guide!


Step Two: Join our Sacred House Family Membership

As an official Sacred House Family, you receive our full monthly programming, including Member Family Sunday Socials, educational videos, meaningful parent-child activities, access to our parent network and a monthly gift in the mail!  

All Family Programming is based in our Sacred House foundational values: 1) To help your children to recognize their unique essence and gifts, 2) to feel connected to others and to something larger than themselves, and 3) to contribute meaningfully to the larger whole. 


This means the following benefits...

==> You’ll have a spiritually-oriented community that fits you, where you can regularly take your kids.

==> You’ll be facilitated to connect with your children in a meaningful, bonding and fun way.

==> You’ll help your children develop themselves and their sense of interconnectedness with others. 

==> You’ll develop your own unique set of Guiding Principles for your family - values that you regularly return to as a compass for how to live life in a way that fits with what is most important to you.

==> You’ll naturally begin to live life as one big Centering Practice with your children without having to do anything fancy or extra to make that happen. In fact, this will happen in your family’s own unique way!

==> You’ll know exactly what to do with your family around the “spiritually-oriented” holidays.

==> Your children will grow up with the Sacred House culture, which is focused on helping them recognize their unique essence and gifts, how to feel connected to others and something larger than themselves, and how to contribute meaningfully to the larger whole. 

==> You’ll share in all of this with a whole community of other like-minded families. 


Here's what you get with Family Membership

• Waive suggestion donation for first-Sunday-of-the-month Family Gathers
Just come on in, you've already paid with your Family Membership.

 Members Family Social on the 3rd Sunday of every month
An additional community opportunity with a short program, then time to socialize.

• Monthly Interactive Educational Video
Ties in with the month's learning theme & includes meaningful parent-child activities.

• Monthly Treasure In The Mail
Your child(ren) will receive a simple gift related to the month's theme in the mail!

• Build Your Recipe For Spirituality
Access our video series to build your family's Recipe For Spirituality in 3 easy steps. 

• Pop-Up Parent Happy Hour - Surprise Dates
We'll let you know when it's time for a Sacred House parent happy hour :)

• Centering Practice Labs & The Oasis (For Parents, drop in when you like)
CP Lab: Learn to create your own Centering Practices that you'll actually do!
The Oasis: Community "sit" - we each bring our own quiet Centering Practices.
(1st & 3rd Tuesdays every month)

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