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The Spiritual 8:  Eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality

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The Spiritual 8:  Exploration 8

What Do I Believe?

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Religions provide answers to these questions, but what if you’re a spiritual seeker with your own personal spirituality? Human knowledge is never absolute, so at best we discover the beliefs that ring true for us and that we feel a trust to lean into.

What do I believe about something larger?

Where did we come from and why are we here?

What is that intangible part of us that is more than just a physical body?

What happens after death?

How does it all connect, what is the nature of how something larger connects us all?

What, if anything, do I feel I can count on about how the world works, no matter what?

Explore these questions and any questions of your own, while making sure to write down what rings true for you. Over time, you’ll develop a wellspring of your own truths that help you navigate life. Also notice how even when you don’t have answers, there is gold in the exploration itself as it helps you become even more familiar with your own personal spirituality. 


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