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The Spiritual 8:  Eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality

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The Spiritual 8:  Exploration 6

Life Passion & Purpose

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To intimately get to know the nature of our own unique divine expression not only helps us feel more connected to something larger, it guides us to express ourselves in the world in meaningful and spiritually fulfilling ways. Plus, imagine if everyone in the world was walking around 100% tapped in to their unique divine gifts - what a different world this would be. You can help make this happen both by being it and supporting it.

This exploration really speaks to our natural human urge to want to contribute. And it also feels good to recognize and celebrate the unique assortment of qualities that make each of us who we are. There are three parts to this exploration. You can explore in any order and it’s an ever-evolving exploration over time…

Note: We'll be adding exercises and activities to assist with this exploration. More to come! 


PART 1) YOUR UNIQUE ESSENCE: What makes you you? What are the qualities that comprise the person that you are? We’re looking for qualities here that are aside from keeping up appearances or things we think we should be. Who are you when you’re naked and alone? We can think of each quality as one of many facets of divine expression. What is the matrix of qualities that you in particular bring to the world? Become a detective about this, making a conscious priority to notice these qualities about yourself as you move about in your day-to-day life. List your qualities and refer to them to remember your most true self.


PART 2) YOUR PERSONAL GIFTS: What are your inherent gifts - the things that you know without a doubt are true about you, and that are a contribution in some way? For instance, you may know without a doubt that you are a natural at holding calm and steady when others are losing their ground. Or you may know without a doubt that your are a voraciously curious person and your curiosity makes you an intent, completely-absorbed listener when others are speaking. Or you may know without a doubt that you are naturally know what to do when a certain service or skill is needed. What do you know you can contribute without a doubt? Just as with recognizing your unique essence, become a detective regarding your personal gifts too – as you move about in your day-to-day life, make it a conscious priority to recognize the various skills or ways of being that you know you contribute without a doubt, and keep a running list to refer to when you want to remember the value that you bring to the world, simply by being you.


PART 3) Larger Contribution: In what ways are you inspired to contribute your essence and gifts to make a difference in the world? There is a common theme across the various religions and paths to express the values of that religion or path in some form of service or contribution to the world. What is your contribution? It may be what you do to make a living, it may be projects that you create or something that you give, or it may simply be a way of being. What is your unique contribution that is not only helpful for the world, but meaningful and satisfying to you at your core? How might you translate this into action if it isn’t already happening?


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