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The Spiritual 8:  Eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality

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The Spiritual 8:  Exploration 1

Personal Mythology

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Most religions or spiritual paths have a mythology that expresses that path’s values, beliefs and commitments in story form. Participants can return to these stories as reminders of what’s important at the core of it all, and to feel connected to something larger. What are the stories that have inspired you spiritually and touched you deeply within? They might be in books, movies, family lore, etc. Notice the stories that are “quintessentially you” and from there notice the values, beliefs and commitments within them. This in turn informs you about the values, beliefs and commitments of your personal spirituality

STORIES:  What movies, books and stories have deeply inspired you and speak to the core of who you are? Another way to explore this is to think about what movies, books and stories you would choose to represent you. What values, beliefs and commitments do they reveal about your personal spirituality?

ANCHOR MOMENTS:  Identify key moments in your life when you felt deeply connected to something larger that connects us all. Think of these as Anchor Moments that help you remember that connection as you go about your day-to-day life. What do the stories that go with these Anchor Moments reveal about your personal spirituality and what helps you connect with something larger?


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