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You are open-minded and aha-oriented. You love to be social and to inspire others while being inspired. You are energized at the thought of making a difference in the world, and you have ideas brewing for how you can make a contribution, or maybe you're already acting on those ideas. You love our Sacred House "spiritual autonomy" approach, because you too believe that our ultimate answers come from within.

Spirituality at Sacred House is simply a set of practical tools for for feeling deeply alive and connected to yourself, to others and to something larger that connects us all. When you live by your own Recipe For Spirituality, you live the life you'll feel incredibly satisfied to look back on when you're 80, and you'll enjoy the ride with others like you along the way. 

At Sacred House, the power of coming together to develop personally, launch dreams and deepen friendships is a "greater than the sum of its parts" kind of thing, and this is what we call Soul Family.

We invite you to join in our June events below...

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This Sunday's Social & Brunch...

Sunday June 5th, 2016

Topic:  Special Nature Adventure - Connect with Sacred Land at the StarHouse

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Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place

2027 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado




*Sometimes we go on a field trip, always double-check the event location in its description

Please arrive between 11:00 and 11:15 am

11:15 am to 12:30 pm:  Sacred House Sunday Social

12:30 pm:  Organic Community Brunch

Gathers are a $10 suggested donation

10:00 am:  Come early for Shine's yoga class (by donation also)

Where:  Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, 2027 13th St, Boulder, CO



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Sunday Social, June 5th:  Nature Adventure - Connect with Sacred Land at the StarHouse

This week we venture out of our cozy home at Shine to spend a moment in nature at the beautiful and sacred StarHouse in Sunshine Canyon!

The StarHouse itself is a building created with the purpose of fostering a connection to something larger, and the land it rests on is not only strikingly gorgeous but has something special to it that you can FEEL! Historically, Native Americans met there for peace-making and ceremonies, and since the early 90s it has been home to a wide variety of nature-based spiritual practices, events, movement arts, and projects. Just visiting it is a guaranteed way to quiet your mind and open your heart.

Our event will be co-led by Corin Blanchard, one of the "visioneers" who is working to shape the future of the StarHouse. She'll explain the winning combination of sacred nature and sacred structure - which permeate everything on the land - and she'll take us through an outdoor guided meditation that helps to connect mind and body. Then we'll explore some thoughts about what it means to connect with nature, to truly listen and receive from the essence of life, and we'll all get a chance to play with what works for us.

Be sure to wear comfy clothes and decent walking shoes, and bring a hat and/or sunscreen if the weather is looking good :)

Details: Please arrive at 11:00 am so you can walk down to the StarHouse with plenty of time for our 11:15 am start. $10 suggested donation. Detailed driving directions: The StarHouse is located 7 minutes from downtown Boulder in beautiful Sunshine Canyon and give yourself a little bit of extra time if it's your first time driving there. Set your odometer, and from the corner of 4th and Mapleton, continue westward up Sunshine Canyon (Mapleton Ave turns into Sunshine Canyon just west of 4th) for exactly 3.5 miles. You will see a dirt driveway on your right with several mailboxes at 3476 Sunshine Canyon. Proceed up this driveway until you reach the crest of the hill. Park in the lot toward your right. You will see the entrance gate and a short pathway down to the StarHouse.

Sunday Social, June 12th:  Holistic Summer Detox for Vibrant Health w/special guest Dr. Diane Mueller

Special guest Dr. Diane Mueller is a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine doctor, and a really fun person too :) She'll share her tremendous wisdom on how to prep your body for a great summer of energy and vitality. Let's boost our health together! More about Diane on her website here. 

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. $10 suggested donation. The event ends at 12:15 pm, with community brunch, snacks or tea afterward. 



Sunday Social, June 19th: Breakthrough Brunch

This Sunday we start right with brunch, and it's an interactive brunch that facilitates each participant to have a breakthrough in some area of your life. Watch for more information on Breakthrough Brunch as we get closer to the date!


Sunday Social, June 26th:  Topic to be announced. Stay tuned :)


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