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May 1st Gather:  Ayurvedic Harmony - Daily Routines for Peace, Strength & Health with special guest Tauna Houghton

Join us this week for a dip into the healing practice of Ayurveda! Tauna is an experienced Ayurvedic Therapist - she'll show us how to create powerful and enjoyable daily routines based on Ayurvedic principles to help you sail through your day with more energy, peace, less cravings, better digestion, a quiet mind and an open heart. The goal of Ayurveda is to live in a body so health and a mind so calm that you automatically merge with the Divine. When you carry out these kinds of routines, you begin to notice that your mind is more naturally in a state of presence, your heart is residing in compassion and your physical body is humming with grounded expansion. Yes to that! See you this Sunday :)


Sunday Gather, May 8th - Special Mother's Day Outdoor Plant & Herb Walk with special guest Gina Gibbons

Join us to honor our connection with our Mother Earth. Gina Gibbons is a world-traveled Certified Community Herbalist with a background in holistic nutrition. She has so much knowledge about plants and their properties! Gina will lead us on a short hike at Harlow Platts Park in South Boulder to discuss the medicinal and spiritual aspects of several local trees and plants that are native or abundant in the Boulder area. She'll discuss how to harvest, prepare and incorporate plant and tree medicine into our everyday lives. By deepening our awareness of these living beings, we create space for a greater connection to the living ecosystem that we are part of, and ultimately learn more about ourselves and our planet along the way. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Gather is NOT at our usual location at Shine Restaurant! We'll be at Harlow Platts Community Park - park in the lot at the furthest West point of the park and meet us by the restrooms and picnic tables. Sunday Gathers are an opportunity to dip into a variety of spiritual practices to see what fits your style as you build your own unique spiritual foundation.


Sunday Gather, May 15th - The Heart of Rumi with special guest Pouria Montazeri

Pouria is a lover and teacher of all things Rumi! We are so excited to have him come join us to immerse in the beautiful soul work of this poet and mystic. Watch for more details about our Heart of Rumi Gather as we near the date. 

LOCATION & ABOUT SUNDAY GATHERS:  Shine Restaurant in downtown Boulder at 2027 13th Street. Arrive between 11:00 and 11:15, the Gather is from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm. Stay after for community snacks, drinks or even full brunch! Sunday Gather Guests are an opportunity to dip into a variety of spiritual practices to see what fits your style as you build your own unique spiritual foundation.


Sunday Gather, May 22nd - It's All About Love with special guest Antoinette Cabral

Bring your burning questions on love and dating to this week's Gather!

Join Sacred House's Expert Love Coach, Antoinette Cabral as she shares her secrets about attracting true love. Antoinette will guide us through some fun interactive activities, help us connect to our hearts, and give us a chance to explore the answers to our questions by opening them up to the group. Whether you are single or in a relationship, Antoinette's unique perspective will be sure to help you release anything blocking you from true love!

Antoinette Cabral guides men and women to find their dream relationship using the 7 Steps to Find Your Dream Partner™ process. She has herself overcome low self esteem, lack of confidence and patterns of attracting the wrong relationships over and over again. She studied with Master Teachers is Thailand, Vermont and Hawaii to gain confidence, magnetism and to break the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships. She is now in the relationship of her dreams. Check her out at


Sunday Gather, May 29th - Dream Launching Party

Summer is in the air and here at Sacred House we've been feeling the urge to celebrate! This Memorial Weekend Gather is a short, sweet, get-together where we will welcome the coming season by getting excited about our own dreams and giving some love to the dreams of our whole community.

Becoming the creator of your life doesn't have to mean tediously repeating positive words or taking a daily dive into the pain of your past (although those things can be useful sometimes too.) At the Dream Launching Party we'll help you step into our personal power in a joyful and playful way with a few light-hearted games and chances for reflection. We hope it can be a moment to connect, have fun, and bring a little light to your morning, which will shine naturally down the road of your life.

We are also thrilled to welcome Amy Jacobs as Gather leader for the first time! Amy is a personal coach and mind/body awareness trainer as well as Director of Operations for Sacred House. She also has eight years of experience as a yoga instructor and workshop facilitator and is looking forward to bringing her skills to the new forum of the Gather. Above all she's super excited to throw you a party! Bring your dream - can't wait to see you there :)

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