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There's this thing that we here at Sacred House call the Spiritual No-Man's land. It's a source of yearning in the world right now. Perhaps you've been feeling it. It's when you say to yourself something like, "Well, I do believe in something larger than myself, but church or any of the other organized paths have never fit quite right for me. So I guess 'spiritual groups' aren't really relevant to me."

The crazy thing about the spiritual no-man's land is that life continues and it's all good - it's not like you're going to die if you're not participating in some kind of organized spirituality. Yet deep down in there you know that something is missing. It's a longing in your heart, a knowing in your gut, an inherent human desire. 

We've all had these experiences in life - those moments when something inexplicable happens or you feel a deep connection to everything - and you just believe without any evidence that we are all connected in a way that our brains can't even begin to comprehend. 

We like this feeling, we want more of it and we want to share it with others. 

But for so many individuals and families right now there's been nowhere to go that really fits. 


The no-man's land has been alive and well because of a few misunderstandings we'd like to clear up...


Misunderstanding #1:  "This is what a spiritual person looks like"

Ask most anyone the question, "what do you think a spiritual person looks like" and you get a bevy of stereotypical images. There's the monk on the mountain top or the priest with the white collar, the new agey woman with flowing robes or the perfectly-posed teacher on the cover of a yoga magazine... or the image of someone who never gets upset... or of someone who is perfectly serene all the time

This is NOT what most of us look like!


Misunderstanding #2:  "Spirituality is something taught by external authorities"

The current cultural norm for the most part assumes that "being spiritual" means participating in one of the already-existing organized paths and/or being taught by someone else who knows better than you. Nobody's out there soap-boxing this norm, it's just become part of the air that we breathe. But it's a problem when you don't feel drawn to any of the existing paths, and this is the case with an enormous amount of people right now.


The truth about spirituality


Here's what we know at Sacred House...

Spirituality doesn't have to be mysterious or inaccessible. It doesn't have to look or act like a certain kind of person. It's not just for people who want to seek and ponder and answer the big questions in life.

Spirituality is really just a set of practical tools that help you live your best life - the life that when you're 90, you'll look back and say, "I feel really good about that." 

We've distilled these tools into three categories - the ingredients in our Recipe For Spirituality.

• Your own set of Guiding Principles for living your best life.

• Your own set of Centering Practices so you can enjoy life along the way.

• A Soul Family where you share, celebrate, inspire, know and are known. 


Spirituality is the woman in line next to you at the grocery store. 

Not only can spirituality be accessible for everyone, at Sacred House we believe that everyone is spiritual. That's because there is no one right picture or definition of spirituality. Instead, it's about discovering your own recipe for spirituality. With your tailor-made spiritual foundation in place, you are equipped to answer questions that before you might have answered only via seeking wisdom outside of yourself. This is not to say that teachers and wise people and established spiritual traditions do not have something to offer. Oh yes they do! AND, it is you who ultimately knows what external wisdom to weave into your personal spiritual foundation. In this way, a "spiritual" person is every person - the woman in line next to you, the man who works across the hall from you, your best friend and YOU. 


We call it "Spiritual Autonomy"

We are passionate believers in your own knowing.

Sacred House Socials and Events center around strengthening your Spiritual Autonomy - the idea that you are your own ultimate authority, and that all of your answers lie within. We believe that everyone has a seed of truth inside of them. That truth has your unique answers to life's fundamental questions, and it also has a map for how to implement those answers in your day-to-day life. When you connect with that truth on a regular basis, finding your way through life becomes more simple and your sense of inner fulfillment grows. When you are deeply in touch with your truth, when you have learned to really plug into it, an infinite source of wisdom can be accessed. When we put our trust in ourselves, a whole new level of connection and inner peace emerges. The best part? The more you access this wisdom, the more you seat into the essence of your life energy and the clarity of your own personal mission - that thing that you and only you can uniquely contribute to our planet and world. 


And it all comes down to Soul Family

Want to know the most important thing we've discovered at Sacred House after having hundreds of people walk through our door? All of the above counts for nothing if you don't have people to share it with. Even if you already have a wonderful group of friends, imagine having a whole village of "soul family" who make it a point to know your goals, dreams, growing edges and gifts, and to know what's important to you and what keeps you aligned with your best life. Imagine knowing and being known in this way. And when we come together for this kind of Soul Family, something greater than the sum of its parts begins to emerge... 


Imagine if everyone in the world was operating from their truth and essence, what a different world it would be...

Please join us by visiting our Programming For Individuals page or our Programming for Families page. Then let others know! The more we each develop our own inner truth, the more we beautify and change the world. Imagine all of those lights shining unabashedly, bringing our most present selves and our most potent gifts. We are creating this together! 


Read all about Sacred House's Foundational Beliefs here.