Archive of Sacred House Events

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April 3rd Gather:  "What Is Identity" with Special Guest Ash Ruiz

Ash Ruiz has had the honor to celebrate and support others in gaining confidence in the ever present magic of existence for the past 20 years. He's a former pop star turned spiritual teacher who's here to serve as a friend and mirror on your journey from the mind to the inexhaustible intelligence of the heart. He's worked and taught alongside many of the great spiritual teachers of our time, including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Byron Katie and The Tibetan State Oracle to the Dalai Lama. At this week's Gather, Ash will guide us on a meditative journey to explore the concept of identity in our lives. He will weave together music, movement, voice, breath, and heart to help us strip away limiting ideas of who we are and emerge into a more expanded sense of self. It is sure to be a unique, interactive experience and to offer a new perspective on moment-to-moment spiritual connection. Learn more about Ash at 


April 10th Gather:  Circling with Special Guest Jason Digges

Circling (also known as InterSubjective Meditation) is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now. It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world though present moment awareness while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other. Different than sitting on a meditation cushion by yourself, Circling is a relational practice.  And though it works exquisitely in intimate relationships of all kinds, it can be applied in ALL areas of life because it’s so organic, non-analytical, effective, and fun. Jason joins us from the Integral Center to teach Circling on Sunday the 10th! More on Circling:


April 17th Gather:  Learn a Contemplative Pratice with Special Guest Roger Wolsey

Sacred Not a string of words you usually see in a row! Many Sacred Housers have not felt a connection with church for one reason or another, and thus are drawn to a place like Sacred House. And at Sacred House, we like to dip into different traditions each week, learning from every single one of them to help us each discern and build our own unique recipe for spirituality. Our special guest this week is Roger Wolsey who is a progressive Christian pastor at Wesley Fellowship here in Boulder. He wrote the book “Kissing Fish: Christianity For People Who Don’t Like Christianity”. Roger will share a contemplative centering practice from his tradition and adapted to appeal to those who resonate with the Sacred House style. Roger is a vibrant and inspiring person to be around - he’s full of life and he holds a space for every person to explore what spirituality truly means for them.  


April 24th Gather:  Ritual Is Not Cloaks & Cauldrons with Sacred House Founder/Director Lisa Hunter

Let's talk about the word "ritual" shall we? It gets such a bad rap in our culture because of all the images and associations we have with the word - like burning stuff in cauldrons, or people wearing robes doing nefarious things. In truth, ritual can involve cauldrons or even cloaks AND this is just one image of thousands of images of what ritual can look like. The thing to know is that ritual can be relevant to you and fit who you are. When you take all of the pre-conceived images away, ritual is a practical, down-to-earth tool to use in your daily life to enhance meaning & growth. It uses symbolism and action to mark intention, transition and even everyday things that are important to you. Symbolism and action are powerful in that they bring our thoughts and emotions into tangible reality so that we can experience a shift. What would you like to see more of in your life, or what would you like to see change? Sacred House's Lisa Hunter will teach simple skills to create your own rituals that fit your own goals and in your own style.