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Sunday Gather at Shine with community brunch afterward


Your life purpose is not only good for you, it's treasure for everyone else too...

The one premise at Sacred House is that something larger connects us all, and that, because we are all connected, we are each unique expressions of something larger. The more we each express our true essence, our true qualities, our true passions and purpose, the more we bring the divine into the world and into all that we do. Living your life's purpose not only feels good to you, it's good for everyone! And you can treat it as a spiritual practice. Come participate this Sunday in Sacred House activities to gently discover and celebrate the life purpose in each of us. As we each express our genuine life purpose more and more powerfully, just imagine what this does for us individually and as a community!

"Life Passion & Purpose" is one of the eight explorations to create your own personal spirituality in our Sacred House Spiritual 8 workbook. Once a month we'll delve into one of the eight explorations to help us each strengthen our own unique connection with something larger that connects us all. 

Sunday Gathers are from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place with a community toast and the option to stay for yummy brunch afterward. You can also come early at 10:00 am for Shine's yoga class. All are by donation. Full details are on our Gather page and our Calendar page. 


Weekly Sunday Gathers are sacred events to connect with our divine selves, with each other and with something larger that connects us all. We do this through guided meditation, music, silence, meaningful ceremonies or activities and we also bring in guest speakers for once-monthly learning talks. After our Gather, we enjoy each other's company and conversation over yummy brunch in the Shine Restaurant.

The Gather itself starts at 11:15 am and goes to 12:30 pm. A donation amount of your choice is greatly appreciated. When you arrive at Shine, head to the back room which is the Gathering Place, and that's where you'll find Sacred House. Seating is provided, or bring a pillow if you like to sit on the floor. Dress is casual and comfortable.

After the Gather we head out into the restaurant to socialize and eat together from Shine's delicious brunch menu. The charge for brunch is based on what you pick from the menu! Shine offers local, organic, holistic comfort food made from the heart, and they also make these amazing, magical non-alcoholic potions that are yummy and good for your soul. They work directly with farmers and host numerous events that support community. Their goal:  When you support Shine, you support local community. Here's the link to view Shine's brunch menu, and here's a link to the page on their site that talks about the heart and soul behind their food & drink. 

AND, there is also a morning yoga class at Shine at 10:00 am, before our Gather - with wonderful instructor Tucker Shelton. If you want, you can do the triple play - come for yoga, then the Gather, then brunch!

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Yoga at Shine