As a Recipe For Spirituality graduate, you are automatically a member of our Sacred House Soul Family and can come to our special activities...


Monthly Soul Family Parties

Once-monthly potlucks to enjoy and connect! We spend the first half hour playing fun games to remind us of our current Goals & Dreams, Guiding Principles and Centering Practices, then we eat, make merry and catch up. Every other month, we welcome in the newest Recipe For Spirituality graduating class as our Spiritual Family grows and thrives. 


Soul Family Service

A "Family Service Day" is a half-day of doing mini service projects for one another. Submit the one-hour project that you need help with - we'll pick two names out of a hat and spend the morning visiting the lucky recipients and completing the project. What a great way to get to know each other a little better outside of our regular Sacred House environment! Plus, we'll have a Community Service Day once a year to participate in a big service project for an organization that benefits the Boulder County area. 


Dream Incubators

A two-hour get-together for those who are really ready to take action on a dream, goal or next growth edge. We brainstorm, cheer one another on and leave with tangible action steps, plus a team feeling as we each embark on our adventures. 


Centering Practice Tribe

Group gathering time for facilitated Centering Practice, like meditation, breathing, movement, etc. Find extra motivation to do Centering Practice by being facilitated and gathering with others.  


Friendship Calendar

You'll have access to a special calendar where you and fellow Spiritual Family members can list private activities or events with open invitations. For instance, "Hey three of us were thinking of going to a movie this weekend, anyone else want to join?" Or, "My best friend is having a birthday barbecue that's an open invitation, come join us!"


Fees, Freebies & Access

All Soul Family events range from $10 to $20 - the funds pay for event materials and facilitation. The Friendship Calendar is free and immediately accessible to you once you graduate from Recipe For Spirituality. We'll average two to three events per month. If you plan on attending events regularly, it's also an option to pay a monthly membership fee of $20 monthly (or $240 yearly) to access to as many events as you like. Soul Family programming begins August of 2016, so stay tuned for all the details!