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At Sacred House, the unique recipe for your strong inner foundation is what supports you to express your next big goal, project or dream. We help you discover the three core essential ingredients in your recipe when you join in our 6-Month Creation Cycle. Additionally, our Sunday Socials are an opportunity to "taste" a wide variety of different ingredients to see what else you might like to add to your recipe.

Topics vary the whole gamut - we not only explore paths that are "typically spiritual", we also focus on unique approaches like juggling or tango as centering practice. 


Sunday Social, January 8th:  Dream Launching Party

We are super-pysched to kick Sacred House back into gear for 2017 with a fabulous Dream Launching Party!

Bring your dream for the new year and join us at Shine for a fun, connection-centered experience in which we'll give a little bit of nourishment and love to our personal dreams, and receive support from the Sacred House Soul Family as we celebrate the reality we're getting ready to create :)

Expect art, music, maybe a little movement, and lots of love at this first Sunday Social of the year!

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. $10 suggested donation.  The event ends at 12:15 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward.


Sunday Social, January 15th: A Healing Science

Join us this week for a dive into a healing modality that works with the field of energy or light believed by many to surround the human body and all life forms.

The definition of "healing" means many things to many people. This presentation will help you explore and define what it is to YOU. The approach we will learn was developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan to help practitioners to "tune in" to the energy and consciousness of their own bodies and minds. Essentially, the human energy field can map a path to healing regardless of the type of healing that you seek. Mental, emotional , physical or spiritual diseases all have their roots in the human energy conscious system and therefore the path back home to health.

Our guest, Andrew Newman, is a graduate of Dr. Barbara Brennan's School of Healing Science, having trained for 4 years in the science of energy healing (2004- 2009). He is a qualified leader of the Hands of Light Introductory workshop. You may remember Andrew as the author of the Conscious Children's Stories who joined us back in November. He credits this healing training as the starting point of his creative writing and storytelling journey.

You can learn more about Andrew and his stories at

Details: Please arrive at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place (2027 13th Street) between 11:00 am and 11:15 am so we can start promptly at 11:15 am. Socials are free of charge. $10 suggested donation.  The event ends at 12:15 pm, with organic community brunch, snacks or tea afterward.


Sunday Social, January 22nd: "Negative" Emotions = Positive Gateway

Many in our community are interested in exploring their spirituality and meeting their highest potential. However, it's much easier to be present and embodied when we are having a great day than when we are in the midst of challenge.

- How do we continue to live in the moment when we are feeling grief from a recent loss or break up?

- How can we be peaceful when we are totally pissed off and angry about something that happened at work?

- How do we keep our hearts open when we are so depressed that we would do anything to check out, escape, or make it go away?

- How do we keep moving forward with manifesting our dreams and life purpose when we are gripped with fear of failure or the unknown?

The great news is that it is very possible to be present, open, and peaceful even in the midst of intense emotions. On the path of spiritual awakening, we must learn how to open our hearts-- and keep them open! This doesn't mean that we don't have boundaries, stand up for ourselves, and take action. It means that we don't have to escape or check out from our inner experience, regardless of how chaotic the external situation may be.

Kelley Neumann will lead a practice and discussion to help you befriend your emotions and live with peace, acceptance, and freedom. This allows us to love ourselves and treat every aspect of who we are with compassion.



Sunday Social, January 29th: Compassionate, Empowered Communication

In our relationships, intimate and otherwise, we want to be nice people, and we want to stay centered in our spiritual ideals, yet sometimes that seems to hinder our ability to say what really needs to be said. How do we communicate what we need, and be empowered and compassionate at the same time?

Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC), was developed by the late Marshall Rosenberg. It is a way of communicating that helps us to distinguish between what we observe objectively, how we feel about it, what we need in the experience, and any requests we might have. Frequently, in day to day conversations these four things get muddled, causing our communication to also be muddled.

In our time together, Gregory Toole will introduce us to this simple model and allow us to get some practice with it. The simplicity of the model allows us to focus our attention and energy on applying it and shifting our experience in our relationships. The tool will be introduced in a light and fun way, in a safe space that allows us to just play with it and try it on.

Gregory Toole is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, licensed to teach the Science of Mind philosophy of Ernest Holmes. He learned Compassionate Communication directly from Marshall Rosenberg and has taught and practiced it for more than a dozen years. Gregory blends this simple communication tool with the spiritual grounding of the Science of Mind philosophy to offer students an empowered and compassionate way to relate to people. He is the Spiritual Director of Somseva whose mission is to inspire authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practices that promote peacemaking and conscious action.

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