Sacred House is a global movement to discover 7.5 billion recipes for spirituality...

At Sacred House, "spirituality" is simply a set of easily-accessible tools to live from your center - that steady, unshakeable place where you can always pull from your higher wisdom and inner resources. When you live from your center, you are true, real and empowered in your life and you live the life that, when you're 90, you'll look back on and feel great about. 

We believe that there are as many recipes for spirituality as there are people, and we help each person discover their unique recipe...

We do this in a practical "rubber meets the road" kind of way with individuals, by teaching 4 Sacred House Centering Tools while you are creating your next big thing to make a difference in the world. So it's not just spirituality for the sake of spirituality. It's a practical application of these tools while you live day-to-day and while you are creating something meaningful in your life. 

The same goes for our Family Programs - we teach Live From Your Center skills to use in your everyday moments of family life. Like, "how to get out the door with your kids while still living from your center." Because that makes it real and practical, rather than conceptual. And we know that as parents, you want as much real and practical as you can get :)

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