Everyone Has A

Unique Recipe for Spirituality

Discover Yours.

Recipe For Spirituality Phone Classes for Busy People, Parents and Students

Spirituality is not just religion. Spirituality is not just new age paths. Spirituality is what you discover it to be for yourself. Imagine finally feeling that spirituality is relevant to your life because it really fits who you are. Imagine discovering that spirituality is not a big mystery, it's simply practical tools for better living.

At Sacred House, there are as many definitions of spirituality as there are people. Each person has their own recipe for spirituality, and each person's recipe is different. Spirituality is not something that you need to learn from an expert, but rather it is a set of practical tools that support you to live your best life. You already possess these tools, we just teach you to discover them for yourself. 

Maybe you're...


• A busy person with a full work and weekend schedule, and maybe even a partner or spouse. You would go to church or some other type of gathering, but these aren't quite right for you and you're also short on time. You're fine without an official spiritual context, but you sense it would make your life even better if you had one, it just needs to fit who you are. You've been resigned that perhaps there isn't a solution for this, but you're still open...



Now that you're a parent, you'd really like your child/ren to have a meaningful spiritual context that reinforces the values that are important to you, but none of the religions or paths feel like a good fit. So, this part of life goes unaddressed. It's not that your family life suffers per se, but you sense that if there was something more concrete in the mix, or even a spiritually like-minded community to participate in, that this would add even more richness to your child's life and to your experience as parents. 

You are on a path of growth, and you are either just beginning to explore your spirituality, or it's already part of your life. You do believe that there is something larger that connects us all, and you'd like a spiritual, non-religious context to belong to. You would also like to explore more around your life purpose, and if having your own recipe for spirituality helps with this, well, even better!