Recipe For Spirituality for the Holidays for Parents in Boulder, CO

2-Hour Workshop: Dec. 10th, 2016

One or both parents attend - you pick!

Do you have a grounded spiritual practice that you share with your children? Do you feel torn at the holidays about what to do with the way you were raised and the way you want to raise your children? With all that's going on in the world right now, what are the most important things that you want to impart to them. Are you teaching them this?

The "Holidays" are coming. Whatever your spiritual belief, religious practice (or lack thereof), your family will be touched by these holidays. They're everywhere! In the giant fake wrapped presents outside your health club, hanging in the hardware store aisles, lighting your neighbors' windows and floating out of the mouths of your kids' peers. 

What if you had a map for what to do with your family during the holidays that felt right, and didn't feel like you were stepping into someone else's beliefs, or having to settle? If you've ever wondered what to do about all of this, join us for this special workshop. 

We don't have the answers, you do. Let us help you find them!


In this workshop, you will discover...

1. Your Family's Holiday Guiding Principles

What's important to you at the holidays? Most religions or paths have a set of rules or edicts to follow. But what's important to you? In this workshop, you'll shed any old beliefs about what the holidays are supposed to be about, and you'll identify your family's own set of principles for making meaning during the holidays. Two inspiring & oftentimes surprising activities help you to identify your family's unique GPS (Guiding Principle System) for the holidays. 




2. Your Family's Special Holiday Practices 

Most religions and paths have special practices or traditions at the holidays that create symbolic meaning. If you could create your own meaningful practices for your family at holiday time, what would they be and what lessons or values would they reflect? What traditions from organized religious or spiritual paths might you keep in the mix, or modify to fit your family's style? The workshop will guide you to create your own holiday practices & traditions that really fit!





3. Your Plan For Spiritual Family

At Sacred House, "spiritual family" means having a community of people who know you and your children in a certain way - the gifts that you bring, what's most important to you, and how you want to be living your life. In turn, you know these same things about them. In the workshop, you'll identify "who and how" you want to spend the holidays with. And if your family of origin is not your number one choice, you'll also come away with a plan to navigate those encounters that fits with your holiday Guiding Principles. 



"It made this whole spirituality thing less mysterious - I was thinking 'oh I need all these special tools for spirituality for my family', but turns out it’s every day normal stuff that I would never have recognized as 'spiritual' before this workshop. It’s so simple, rather than having to learn all these fancy things to be spiritual. Throughout the class, I kept looking for answers in the external and I kept realizing they lie within. I love that our Recipe will impart this same insight to our children." 



Workshop is Dec. 10th, 2016 from 9:00 to 11:00 am

Get the $65 sign-up fee through Dec. 7th. After that, it's $75!

Facilitators: Lisa Hunter and Paige Doughty


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