There are 7.125 billion recipes for spirituality on this planet.

What's yours?

At Sacred House, we believe that there are as many recipes for spirituality as there are people, and we discover each person's unique recipe together. Come be part of a larger family where you create your very own spiritual foundation - a set of practical tools that fit who you are and inspire you to live the life you really want to live.

The word "spirituality" can be a confusing term these days. Does it mean religion? Does it refer to new age paths? What if none of these fully fit you? At Sacred House, every person's recipe for spirituality is different. Discover yours as you grow, connect and inspire in a down-to-earth community of really great people...


Grow and develop your own tailor-fit spiritual foundation. At Sacred House, we know that when you have a strong spiritual foundation, you have a solid platform from which you can create your best and most fulfilling life. We give you simple, practical tools to put your own unique foundation in place so that you can fly!


Connect with something larger that connects us all. Connect with your wise center within. Connect with your own set of guiding principles to live the kind of life you really want to be living. Our classes and Gathers help you to have these important kinds of spiritual connection, each in ways that fit your style. 


Inspire your deeper purpose. The one premise at Sacred House is that something larger connects us all, and we are each unique expressions of it. We discover, with fun and curiosity, the qualities and contributions that you uniquely and naturally bring, simply by being yourself. Then we support you to express them in the world!


Be part of a larger family where you are known and cared for. Be yourself without pretenses or worries about image because we come together for the deep matters of the heart and soul that spirituality evokes. In a world of people and families living in individual homes, it's nice to come together and really know each other!