If you believe that something larger connects us all and at the same time you are not drawn to religion... If you've always wanted more spirituality in your life but the choices have seemed like "church or nothing", leaving you in a sort of spiritual no-man's land... If you've tried other spiritual paths, but still find them too confining with a system of predetermined truths that don't necessarily fit you...

You are not alone. You are part of a growing population of people who are wanting something different. Nothing against religion. It's working well for tons of people, so yes, religion, yes. AND, for many, there is a strong yearning for spirituality within a different kind of paradigm.

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At Sacred House, we are addressing that yearning. To us, the solution is really simple. Have one premise: "There is something larger that connects us all." Then create a system for each person to identify their own set of spiritual truths and practices that help them connect more regularly with that something larger.  Enjoy that more regular connection with the Divine, or whatever you like to call it. Walk around in the world feeling more supported and more connected to what gives your life purpose and meaning. Last but not least, discover what each person uniquely brings to the world in the form of purpose and passion. Give each person tools to rock their purpose and passion. Watch each person light up as they bring forth more of their divine expression. Watch what happens all around us as each of us are rocking our divine purpose. Enjoy this whole process together, as a global community of people. Feel deeply part of something special and spiritual, and at the same time develop your own unique divine self. 

Sound good? We think so! 

the "dogma" is simply the system for discovering spiritual truths, practices and life passion & purpose. rather than teaching you truths, we teach you how to discover your own.