If you are not drawn to religion and at the same time you believe

in something larger that connects us all...


You can find yourself in a bit of a spiritual no-man's land in this day and age.

Perhaps you've dipped into different kinds of spiritual paths, finding lots of

good teachings, but never one place that feels like home. Or perhaps you've  

resigned yourself that spirituality won't play as a big a role in your life as

you'd like it to. Maybe you've watched your parents or their parents, so

dedicated to a particular religious path, and you wish that you felt an authentic

pull to do the same - it would be so easy to have a clear and already-

established path to follow. But that just doesn't fit who you are. And you're

not the type to lie to yourself about something like this!


A clear, tangible spirituality for everyone.

And in good company.


If you are the person described above, Sacred House is here to address your

deep need. You may not feel it horribly, because let's face it - lots of folks are

getting along fine without a clear spiritual path. The key here though, is what

we're missing. So much more depth. So much more meaning. So much more

trust and support and purpose. The company of others in the quest to feel

that deep connection with something larger that we've all felt and yearn to

feel more. These are all the things that a clear and tangible spiritual path

provides. Religion is still doing this for many, and it's wonderful. And at the

same time, there are many who hunger for a different paradigm.


Recipe For Spirituality Phone Classes.

In-Person Gathers.


What is spirituality anyway? At Sacred House, we are passionate about as

many definitions of spirituality as there are people. We truly believe that each

and every one of us, in our own unique way, carries incredible spiritual wisdom

for how we personally connect with something larger, and in doing so, live 

more meaningful, fulfilling, purpose-filled lives. It is our mission to foster this,

grow this, champion this. So we've created a phone class that facilitates you to

clarify your very own personalized system of spiritual truths and practices that

keep you connected to something larger in your own style. In turn, your

spiritual truths and practices guide you to live your most fulfilling life in a

way that really fits you. Our In-Person Gathers also help you to clarify your

personal system of spiritual truths and practices while also satisfying the other 

big deep need - to connect with others about all of this! .