Programming For Families

Courses, Gathers & Tool Kits

Your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye and while they’re in their most formative years, we know that you take so much care making decisions to nurture their wellbeing, their happiness and their sense of peace and contentment. 

If you’re a Sacred House parent, you’re likely the kind of person who grew up with exposure to church or some kind of organized religion and you either strongly disliked it or it never really resonated with you. that wasn’t too big of a deal for most of your life until you had children. then you found yourself bumping up against questions without solutions - ‘we want to bring our children up with a strong sense of values and belief system and to be part of a community that supports these things, but there is literally nowhere to take them that feels right.” something that has a regular rhythm and at the same time fits into our busy schedules.