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The journey that brought me to Sacred House includes participating in just about every kind of spiritual practice and path you can think of, looking for that one context that would encompass everything that I feel and believe. I never found it. But I did find incredible teachings and lessons along the way. And what I discovered is that my truest belief is that each person has their own unique spiritual recipe, and that we are each experts in our own experience. We can get guidance and learning from all sorts of wonderful sources, and then when it comes to those true core beliefs and practices, only we know what really works for us and what is really true for us. For some, that happens to fit with a particular organized religion or spiritual path. And for others, like me, a place like Sacred house - a place that guides me to make my own discoveries - is the right place to be.

My background and training: I am an ordained interspiritual minister, having completed the two-year seminary program at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York. I also have a fun and eclectic history of spiritual leadership for most of my prior career life too. Back in my 20's and 30's, I was a performing and recording singer-songwriter for about a decade, and then a trainer teaching probation officers to use life coaching skills. As a singer-songwriter, I toured the country playing shows, recording CD's and facilitating workshops on spiritual growth and transformation. As a trainer I taught for many years in a nationwide program to help probation officers widen their perspectives and support their probationers to find their own true personal and spiritual beliefs in order to make change from a place of intrinsic motivation rather than in response to force or rules.

I see now how these earlier careers prepared me for Sacred House, which requires a broad and open perspective, a love for creating "soul family" and a love for helping others facilitate their own spiritual growth. I consider my own spirituality ever-evolving too, and it means different things to me at different times. I look forward to meeting you, and to sharing the journey.

My personal website is which is all about my other ministerial services - I'm a wedding officiant (I LOVE officiating weddings!) and I also do new home blessings, baby blessings and more. See you soon and much love,

Lisa Hunter

Founder, Sacred House