Life Purpose & Passion Council! (a.k.a LPPC)

Hi Everyone and welcome to our page! There are two sections to this post:

1) First, watch the quick 3-minute video on the right. 

2) Then answer these "what do you dream for Sacred House" questions, and add your answers by typing in the big white comment box below. You will see others' answers below the comment box. 

Here are the questions. Answer all of them or just some of them, whatever you're drawn to do...

• What is your dream for Sacred House one year and five years from now? In this vision of potential that you see for Sacred House, how would Sacred House be serving you and serving others?

• What value does Sacred House bring you now and what else are you longing for it provide? 

• What might eventually result in you not coming back if Sacred House did not evolve or change in a certain way?

Oh and P.S. - Don't think too hard about this! Just notice what first comes to mind/heart and write it in the comments. Also, don't refrain from giving constructive feedback. This is what helps Sacred House do its most powerful service. 

Let's see what we come up with together!