Create The Life You Love - For Young Adults

6 Session Mini Course

What is your true path?

*Our March 9th course has been re-scheduled. If you'd like us to send you information about the next course date, sign up on our email list and put the words "lifelove" with your last name, and we'll let you know when we have the new start date. Thanks for stopping by!


Having second thoughts about your major or career? Or the way you're living your life?

Learn and practice one simple yet incredibly profound skill that will guide you to always know if the choices you are making are moving you toward the life you really want to live, or away from it. This may sound simple, but it can get really crowded and confusing in our brains with all of the cultural and family messages influencing us, plus our own fears and critical voices.

This class washes away the false dreams and the "shoulds", and breathes life and energy into the vision for the life that you really want to live, plus supports you to take steps to start living that life now. As a group, we'll get to know each other's most true hopes and dreams for life, and cheer each other on as we move toward them. It takes courage to live the life you really want to live, and this group will be witnessing and celebrating your every step. The Life You Love process was developed by Laura Baines who is Sacred House's Director of Young Adult Programs, and Lisa Hunter, Sacred House's Founder. The process comes from their combined and extensive experience with life coaching and helping others to live truly satisfying lives.  


Steps For The Life You Love

Session 1

We'll teach you the one skill that you need to keep on track with creating the life that you really want to live. It's simple to learn, and then just takes practice. But don't worry, we'll make practice fun :)

Sessions 2 - 6

Now that you've learned the big skill, each session we'll give you an interesting adventure or experiment to try before we meet again so that you can practice using the skill. Over the weeks, you'll get clearer and clearer about what is in alignment with the life you'll love, and what is not, plus you'll take action steps when inspired.


Get clear answers about what is most fulfilling for you. 

Make a real plan to make it happen.



Having fun at a Sacred House new year's party!

Having fun at a Sacred House new year's party!

Laura Baines is the Director of Young Adult Programs at Sacred House. Her goal is to help you discover what truly fulfills, inspires and excites you in all areas of life - whether that be in your relationships, career, day-to-day living or all of the above. She wants you to know that this class is all about you - what you want, not what society, your parents, your peer group or what anyone else wants for you. Learn more about Laura on our About Page.

Lisa Hunter is the Founder & Director of Sacred House and will be supporting Laura as she teaches the class. Lisa has never been drawn to "teach spirituality" or one set of specific spiritual truths. Instead, she is an expert in teaching you skills to discover your own spiritual truths and looks forward to the aha's you will have as you learn to identify your most authentic path and create the life you love. 


Here's what happens in the one-hour Wednesday evening sessions:

During each session we learn more about the skill that helps you create the life you love, plus a new activity to practice it. Don't worry, the activities are not stressful - each assignment is a simple exploration that you can weave into your day-to-day life and it's fun. We also spend time each session discussing your thoughts and challenges as you get clearer about the creating the life you love - this is a great way to learn from each other. 


Our March 9th, 2016 Course has been re-scheduled. Please sign up on our email list and put the words "lifelove" along with your last name if you'd like info when we know the new start date!

Course Session Dates:  

Mondays:  To be determined.

Location:  To be determined.

What's Included:

• Six one-hour course sessions.

• Create The Life You Love Guidebook and Workbook PDFs.

• Facilitation, troubleshooting and group support.

• Online group page to post insights, questions & ideas. 


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Next Course start date to be announced

$60 for the 6-Session Mini Course

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Peace Of Mind

If this is your first time participating in a Sacred House offering, you might be wondering if it will be of value to you. We understand this and are happy to offer a refund, no questions asked, if you attend the first session and discover that the class is not a fit for you.


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