Our Sacred House Leadership Team


Lisa Hunter


Current Guiding Principle:

I want to remember that I can have fun and relax and enjoy my physical body. 

Current Centering Practice:

5-minute hand on heart breathing, then 5-minute hand on stomach breathing. 


Hi, I'm Lisa Hunter, and I started Sacred House because I wanted a place to go for connection around spirituality, but there wasn't any place that felt like the right fit. I had been raised Roman Catholic and there was nothing wrong with that experience, but it never really stuck. In 2010, I was on eHarmony of all places and saw the term "spiritual but not religious" when given choices about spiritual preferences. The term made me stop in my tracks. I'd never before encountered a spiritual preference "box" that felt like it fit! The term not only helped to validate my experience, it also told me that, since it had its own category on eHarmony, that there were many others out there having the same kind of an experience. Intrigued, I did research only to discover that this category is growing more quickly in our culture than ever before. 

At the time, I was also in between careers - I was a performing singer-songwriter singing concerts and facilitating workshops about transformation and personal growth for most of my 20's, then a trainer teaching life coaching skills to probation officers for most of my 30's. While both these careers were amazing, I felt a deep yearning - a call that there was something more that I could contribute. The timing of that deep yearning with the "eHarmony aha" created a turning point:  I decided to attend a two-year inter-spiritual seminary in New York to become an ordained minister with the express purpose of creating Sacred House. At the time, I knew that the one premise at Sacred House would be that "there is something larger that connects us all", and that we would support as many recipes for spirituality as there are people.

And wow, did I learn! In the past three years, hundreds and hundreds of people have attended Sacred House, and getting to know each of them personally has helped me learn why we're drawn to "spirituality" and what it means to build your own unique spiritual foundation that is tailored just for you. As a result, we now have our collection of Sacred House programs and events that we know really work! I am endlessly passionate about offering this additional option into the palette of choices that dot the spiritual canvas in our world. When I'm not running Sacred House, you can find me officiating weddings, hiking in the gorgeous Colorado Rockies, playing music and spending good time with much-loved friends and family. 



Amy Jacobs

Director of Operations

Current Guiding Principle:

I want to remember to see all relationships in my life as mirrors, and to look honestly at what is reflected back to me

Current Centering Practice:

Bowing meditation and Neurosculpting® meditations.


Hi! I'm honored to be part of the Sacred House core team in the role of building relationships the vibrant community of Sacred House's home base - Boulder, Colorado. As Sacred House has taken shape over the past years, we've increasingly recognized that we are part of a constantly evolving landscape of individuals and groups working to meet needs, make space for human connection and create positive change in the world. We are dedicated to proactively contributing in the community, and we feel the enormous abundance of what the community offers us! Check our Boulder calendar for the diverse lineup of presenters who join us at our Boulder Sunday Gathers, plus our monthly community service and social events. We believe deeply that the whole of Boulder is greater than the sum of its parts, and we join in that whole with open hearts. 

My first experience with Sacred House was an embodiment of the beauty of community - I left the Gather deeply grateful to have met and witnessed a group of people who were so sincere in their desire to be authentic, and I loved how the setting was designed to bring that authenticity out while also maintaining the warmth and connection that one usually only finds in practices with at least a little bit of dogma. My own journey has left me wary of rigid thinking, and Sacred House has provided a perfect space for me to explore my spirituality through diverse experiences without ever creating a feeling of impingement on my autonomy. Working on the team is already another exploration of myself and I'm really excited to see what I discover next! 

My background: I graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a degree in Political Communications. I chose politics as a field of study because I wanted to make the world a better place, but by the time I finished my degree, I was disillusioned with the political process and the lack of authenticity that I felt from so many of my peers. I chose a totally different direction for myself after college, and have been studying yoga and energy work and have been teaching a Korean practice called Sundo for eight years. I work with clients to achieve mind/body integration, self-awareness and optimal energetic development through this practice. However, while I hold Sundo training close to my heart, I believe deeply that every human being has an individual path that can never be dictated externally. I love Sacred House because it provides a space for the exploration that is essential for anyone wanting to find their own "way". 



Ken Beitel

Sacred House Journeys Leader

Current Guiding Principle:

There are only the geese... and the present moment.

Current Centering Practice:

Goals-visioning meditation.

As Sacred House's Journey Leader, I create great mini-adventures that build spiritual family and connect us each back in with nature. I have a deep love for wild places and the animals that live there and have led dozens of Meetup hikes and backpacks. I love the process of having the group become friends over the course of the journey, it's my favorite thing to see!



Stephenie Zamora

Business Director

Current Guiding Principle:

I want to live fully aligned and full expressed.

Current Centering Practice:

Morning pages in my journal where I just release everything bouncing around my head onto the page, then create space for inspiration or guidance as I write. 

As Sacred House's Business Director, I guide our team to make choices that embody our mission while providing profoundly effective service. I believe in the Sacred House vision for spiritual autonomy and that we are our own best gurus, and I'm excited to help Sacred House grow to reach more people not only here in Colorado, but also around the world!

About Stephenie: Not only is Stephenie Sacred House's Business Director, she is the founder of Stephenie Zamora Media, a full-service, life-purpose development, branding, and online marketing boutique. Here she merges the worlds of personal development, branding, and online marketing to help men and women build passion-based lives and businesses. Stephenie created her business with a simple philosophy: Individuals who take personal responsibility for creating the lives (and jobs) they desire are happier and healthier, and have a greater impact, than those who don’t. She is the author of Awesome Life Tips® and creator of Your Passion-Based Business™. Her articles have been featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine, Positively Positive, and Brian Tracy International.



Sacred House Director

Portland, Oregon

April Lampert

My spiritual journey:  I grew up going to a small Evangelical church in the Midwest. I always felt very connected to source. I had a rich inner world and knew early on that I was part of something much larger and grander than myself. In my early 20's I began to feel restless - in every aspect of my life - so I started exploring many types of spiritual practices. They all resonated with me in some way and reflected Christianity. I started to realize that different religions were simply metaphors for the universal love I'd always felt in my heart. I was yearning for an environment where I could celebrate rather than mourn that connection. I will always value my Christian upbringing and still live by the virtues and principals I learned as a child. Jesus will always be my savior for his demonstration of undying love. The difference is, this is just a piece of my unique recipe for spirituality which I continue to discover more about every day, and I seek out diverse groups of people who appreciate all walks and expressions of spirituality.

How Sacred House found me and my vision for Sacred House Portland: I had just moved to Boulder, Colorado and was deeply yearning to find a tribe of people that I could learn and share with. I was so blessed to meet Lisa and become a part of Sacred House at its early stages. It helped support me in so many ways. I had found a home where my individual spirituality could shine. It was the safe haven of support and acceptance I had always craved, and it strengthened my spiritual life because it gave me permission to fully embrace my deeply intuitive truths. As the Sacred House Portland Facilitator, my vision has to do with the fact that I truly love hearing people's stories, where they come from and what's in their heart. It's my sincere mission to create an extension of Sacred House's safe spiritual haven beyond Boulder. The focus is to hold space and nurture this healing place of connectivity and support for people who deeply desire it. We are all here on this planet from different walks of life, and I am committed to seeing, honoring and uplifting one another. At Sacred House Portland, by coming together as community, we can serve each other by consistently demonstrating love for each other and acceptance for ALL of our spiritual practices. 

My background and training: I'm a youth educator, spiritual guide & teacher, self-love ambassador, writer and inner-child advocate! I have a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. I've taught children life and academic skills in personal, pre-school, day care and elementary school settings my entire life. I also have coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As for my spiritual training, I've been on a journey of introspection and transformation that can't be measured by a degree or certificate. I've always been intrigued by people's inner lives as well as how we relate to one another. I facilitate a self-love group in Portland, which is all about the importance of self-care and self-acceptance. In addition, I coach people one-on-one, helping them clear old blocks and create their own unique self-love practice so they can fully embrace their life's purpose.