Free Guiding Principles Training

Admission is on us. We love to throw a good party ;)

Next training is March 1st, 2017 in Boulder, CO

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So what's this next big thing you're creating?

You’re a go-getter. You are passionate about making a difference in the world. You love to inspire and be inspired. And you’re ready to create your next big thing. Perhaps you’re writing a book. Or planning a benefit concert to raise money for an important cause. Or starting a business to provide a solution that the world needs…

We see you. You're focused and directed and you're good at making stuff happen. But as you move toward creating this next big thing, you're craving new tools. You want to take bigger risks, make a bigger contribution and expand your sense of joy, opportunity and abundance. You can feel how this new endeavor will call you to grow and evolve as you become the person who successfully brings it into the world.

At Sacred House, we're all about your next big thing. We provide you with time-tested tools to ensure you effectively create your next big action, dream, goal or business to make a difference. And in the process, you will evolve... 


Join us for our Free Guiding Principles Training

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We’ve perfected the art and science of discovering your one most potent Guiding Principle statement. As you bring your next big thing to life, you continually return to your main Guiding Principle. It keeps you on track with the number one thing you need to remember as you’re making choices, as you hit stumbling blocks, as you’re taking brave steps to rock this gift that you’re bringing to the world. Imagine having this kind of counsel - a wise core principle that came from you, that fits you perfectly and that unlocks your next step at every turn. This is one of the three ingredients that we teach to strengthen your Inner Unshakeable Center, which is one of the two key skills in our unique Sacred House system for aha's, breakthroughs and quantum leaps as you create. 

You'll also experience first-hand our time-tested Group Synergy format for even more aha's, breakthroughs and quantum leaps. While each participant is working on different Next Big Things, our Group Synergy format facilitates us to catalyze each other's forward movement. It's freaking cool. AND really fun!

Sacred House Founder Lisa Hunter will facilitate the evening. You can read all about her expertise and approach to creating "Big Things" on our 6-Month Creation Cycle page here, where there's also info about how Guiding Principles and Group Synergy play a key role in our Creation Cycle programming to launch your next big meaningful contribution in the world.


Details About the Free Guiding Principles Training

Get new tools. Expand your abilities. Amp Your Joy. Make a bigger difference.

Wednesday, March 1st from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Where: In Boulder - we'll email with location details.  

Admission is on us. We love to throw a good party ;)

Here's What You'll Get...

• We’ll walk you step-by-step to identify your Main Guiding Principle •

• We'll teach you our three ingredients for a strong Inner Unshakeable Center •

• Your Guiding Principle will shed light on your next most potent action step •

• You'll experience our Group Synergy format for more quantum leaps & breakthroughs •

• You’ll be so inspired, you won’t be able to help but follow through •

• Celebrate your next big thing with others creating theirs! •

Not able to make this event?
You can still RSVP, just click this button and let us know in the message box that you want information about the next one!