Dark Night & Breakdown

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Hi Lovelies! Here are the two songs. Dark Night is from my singer-songwriter days and Breakdown is from my punk band Orange Lola. Both are about the gift of the void and helped me through really intense times ;)

Here are lyrics:


To much emotion running through my body and my mind, I can't seem to separate the past from the daily grind. I'm a newborn baby, and a dying woman all at the same time... the in-between is the only comfort I can find. I go to the forest and I dig my hands into the dirt, I call to Father Sky and I feel the heat of Mother Earth. There is no moon tonight, she disappears before every rebirth. I put my hands into the soil, and I begin the search

Chorus: I... travel through the Dark Night...travel through my Dark Night...

Too many monsters in the velvet void of all I fear, so I turn to face them and they gracefully disappear. I'm finding tunnels and treasure piles in hidden caves, I follow blindly with no, no light to show the way. I hear "I don't know, I don't know" calling out again again... I put my hands into the soil and sink deeper in.

I travel through the Dark Night... travel through my Dark Night.

Too much division between holy earth and holy light... I greet the day with open arms, but then I fear the night. I'm digging deeper through the bedrock to this molten core, I'm mining the diamond in the dark so she can tell me more.



I'm so tired of the hurricane. And the pounding of the hard rain. I'm so tired of the sea change. Make me ugly make me deranged. But sometimes you gotta go down. Suffocate and let yourself drown. Losin' faith in the big cheese. So you can better feel the ecstasy.

Chorus: Breakdown and I'm born again. The river left me all but dead. Breakdown down into the darkest night. Breakdown and I wonder why you have to fall before you fly. Breakdown down into the darkest night.

I'm so tired of the same thing. Chasin' life like a brass ring. Always lookin' from the outside. Always lookin' for the better ride. Oh and I think I got a bad brain - make me go a little insane. Keep me small keep me paralyzed. Until the day I dare to come alive.