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A Powerful Launchpad for Your Next Big Thing

Next cycle starts March 8th, 2017

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What’s the next big thing that you’re creating?

You’re a go-getter. You are passionate about making a difference. You love to inspire and be inspired. And you’re ready to create your next big thing. Perhaps you’re writing a book. Or planning a benefit concert to raise money for an important cause. Or starting a movement or a business to provide a solution that the world dearly needs…

We see you. You're focused and directed and you're good at making stuff happen. But as you move toward creating this next big thing, you're sensing you need new tools. You want to take bigger risks, make a bigger contribution and expand your sense of joy, opportunity and abundance. You can feel how this new endeavor is calling you to grow and evolve as you become the person who successfully brings it into the world.

The 6-Month Creation Challenge is rich with workshop labs, action guidebooks and social events to ensure that you effectively create your next big action, dream, business or goal. And in the process, you will evolve. Here's how we do it...


All About The 6-Month Creation Challenge

Launch your next meaningful contribution in the world

Join by March 1st, 2017 for the challenge starting March 8th!

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Hi, I'm Lisa Hunter - I'm the Founder of Sacred House and the Lead Facilitator for our 6-Month Creation Challenge. In my three-decade journey as a career singer-songwriter, then a life coach and now an interspiritual minister for Sacred House, I've worked with thousands of people and learned tremendous lessons which all come together in our Creation Challenge programming so that you can step up, show up and be the change in the world that you want to see...

I have to tell you, I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to creating "next big things". Businesses, dreams, goals, movements... this is not my first rodeo. The biggest lesson that I've learned is that the creation process works simultaneously on two levels. There is the nitty gritty level of action steps and making stuff happen. But then there is the deeper place - the quiet center within that connects you with your core creative energy and guides you as you take those actions. That quiet center and deeper connection - it's everything. Without it, you cast about, taking action without your full power. But when live from your center - that steady, unshakeable place where you can always pull from your higher wisdom and inner resources - that's when the rubber really hits the road, and every action is potent, every action moves you quantum leaps forward. 

I had this aha back in the mid-2000's. I had been a performing singer-songwriter for a decade, but I stopped because I was burned out. In my performer hey-day, I was the golden child of the Detroit music scene - newspaper and magazine critics were constantly lauding me as the local chick who would make it big... "Lisa Hunter is really going somewhere." Funny thing, I always had a feeling that I wouldn't. Not because of talent, but because it felt like I was missing something essential to bringing that big vision and dream to life. Years later, after experiencing intense burnout, I began to find my own unique spiritual path. And that's when it hit me - "Ohhhh. If I had 'made it' back then, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. Not without a strong inner center to keep me steady, aligned and resourced to my own true nature and power. I might have become a drug addict or had a nervous breakdown or gone down a path that was out of alignment with my integrity." In that moment, I realized that strong inner personal foundation is everything.


And so... we give you The Creation Challenge to create
your next big action, dream, business or movement. 

It's a beautiful combo of programming that ensures your tangible action steps forward over the next 6 months, while at the same time developing your skills to live from your center while creating. Combine these two together and you've got a one-two punch that makes your creation process not only successful, but cathartic along the way. Because this big thing you are feeling called to create - it's absolutely about making a difference. And it's also just as much about making a difference in yourself. The inner work becomes the birth place for your next big thing to come to life in the world.

Group Synergy - The Special Sauce

But wait, there's more ;) Along my path of constant creating, I stumbled upon a pot of gold. Before Sacred House, I was one of those "lone creator" types. I was driven, passionate and hell-bent on doing it all myself. But as I embarked on creating Sacred House, I experienced what I call a Spiritual Ass-Kicking. No matter how hard I tried on my own, Sacred House has only ever grown and thrived when I've invited others to collaboratively create with me. And oh my goodness, the difference this makes. When I surround myself with other inspired, passionate people, aha's and breakthroughs happen left and right. I've discovered that pretty much everything turns out better when you create it with synergistic input, than when you create it by yourself. We've become experts at this. So of course we've made sure this is a key component in our Creation Challenge programming. You will have an automatic think tank of co-conspirators. When we put a bunch of us in a room like this, we catalyze one another's projects, and miraculous forward movement takes place without seeming to have to lift a finger. And guess what? It's really fun!

Next cycle starts March 8th, 2017


Now for the nuts & bolts.
How it works and what you'll get for 6 months...

All events in Boulder - we'll email you with location details.
This is an immersion experience to keep you firmly in creation mode. Attend all or some!

• Guiding Principles Training - Wednesday, March 1st, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
*Free Intro Event open to the public
Discover your #1 core principle that keeps you aligned as you create, and guides every step you take.

And starting in March...

• Centering Practices Lab - 1st Wednesday every month, 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Create your "easy on-ramp" centering practices that you'll actually do!

The Oasis - 1st Wednesday every month, 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Community "sit" where we each do our own quiet centering practices.

• Creation Lab - 2nd Wednesday every month, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
An evening of fun, interactive activities that catalyze your next creation steps.

• Monthly Creation Action Guide with weekly email action reminders
A new theme every month with action steps for steady forward momentum.

• Creation Coffee Chat - 3rd Friday every month, 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Synergistic discussion format to get ideas, brainstorm and motivate.  

• Pop-Up Potlucks & Happy Hours - Surprise Dates
Announced a week ahead to simply have fun with your fellow creators!

• Creation Online Forum - Ongoing
Inspirational posts & breakthrough-creating discussion formats.

• The Launch Pad!
Community Celebration & Showcase Event at the end of your Challenge.

*Click here to view the 6-Month Visual Event Calendar in a pop-up window


More details about each event...


Guiding Principles Workshops: Guiding Principles are a key ingredient to live from your center, and we’ve perfected the art of discovering your most potent Guiding Principle statements, which you'll continually return to for guidance and decision-making as you create. There's a free intro Guiding Principles Training open to the public every other month, plus all Creation Challenge events facilitate you to stay in touch with your Guiding Principles at every step as you're creating.

Centering Practices: Another key ingredient to live from your center, Centering Practices keep you anchored in the part of your brain that is in charge of aha's, insight, calm and connection to others and to something larger. As you strengthen this aspect of living from your center, you create a solid base within yourself from which to create and launch. During your Creation Challenge, attend at least one Centering Practices Lab to learn our unique process to identify your very own set of "easy on-ramp" practices. It's key that you identify your specific style for Centering Practice, otherwise you can feel like you're failing by trying to do practices that don't fit for you. After your CP lab, attend our monthly Oasis, which is a community "sit" where we each do our own quiet centering practices in the same room. 


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Creation Lab: This is a fun once-monthly social workshop with interactive activities that catalyze aha's and breakthroughs for your next creation steps. We'll have a chance to let loose and play, while at the same time moving forward with our creation projects. The power of Group Synergy is big here - when you put many motivated and passionate individuals in a room together and do these kinds of activities, quantum leaps happen!

Creation Action Guidebooks: At Sacred House, our expertise is to guide you to harness your creative power and get results. We know the process intimately, from our own experience. You'll receive a new guidebook at the beginning of each month with exercises and action steps to steadily facilitate your forward movement. Each guide has a theme that moves you through the creation process - all the way from incubation to foundation-laying to expression in the world. We'll send you emails at the beginning of each week to prompt your next guidebook steps so that you're sure to stay in the groove. 

Creation Coffee Chat: A once-monthly get-together to get ideas, brainstorm and motivate each other.

Curriculum Monthly Themes for Creation Labs, Coffee Chats and Action Guidebooks...
Month 1: Birthday - Get crystal clear about what you're creating and its very tangible outcome.
Month 2: Incubator - Strengthen the energy for your creation from within. 
Month 3: Architect - Put in place all tangible structures needed for your creation.
Month 4: Farmer - Grow, tend, nurture your creation into existence.
Month 5: Passion - Continue to grow & tend, while also increasing deep belief in what you are creating.
Month 6: Expression - Get your creation ready to display or present at our Launch Pad Event! 

Creation Online Forum: Stay connected between events - post updates about how it's going, plus give and get ideas and inspiration. We'll post fun weekly prompts to keep you engaged too.



This is what it's all leading up to! A big 'ole celebration and launch event. At the end of the 6-Month Challenge, we invite all of our friends and family for a party that's like a science fair for each of our projects. We'll have tables that display what our projects are all about, plus some of us will even get up and speak about what we're launching.

The fact that the Creation Challenge culminates in the Launch Pad Event is the ultimate fun and community-oriented motivator!



Join by March 1st, 2017 for the
Creation Challenge starting March 8th!


Also, make sure to attend the next Free Guiding Principles Intro Training which is a great way to see if you want to join in the 6-Month Creation Challenge 

Wednesday, March 1st from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Where: Boulder - we'll email you with location details.

Admission is on us. We love to throw a good party ;)

Here's What You'll Get...

• We’ll walk you step-by-step to identify your Main Guiding Principle.

• Your Guiding Principle will shed light on your next most potent action step, plus you'll continually return to it for guidance and inspiration as you create. 

• You'll experience our Group Synergy format for more quantum leaps & breakthroughs.

• You’ll be so inspired, you won’t be able to help but follow through. 

• Celebrate your next big thing with others creating theirs! 

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