Challenge Club
Immersion Week

Next date to be announced in 2018.

Every six weeks our rockin' community dives into a Challenge Club Immersion Week.
Here's how it works...


1. The Kit: Download our free 6-Month Challenge Kit - equal parts Action Steps and equal parts Centering Tools to commit to the next big personal or business project that you want to bring to fruition in the next six months. 

2. Six-Week Mini Goals: Use the Kit to move steadily toward success by breaking your project into smaller six-WEEK mini goals along the way. 

3. Every six weeks, attend our Guiding Principles Training and then participate in our Challenge Club Immersion Week. These two events will jumpstart your newest six-week mini goal to move toward your larger six-month project.

Take the next Guiding Principles Training, 
then join in the Challenge Club Immersion Week:

Next date to be announced in 2018.

Blast through your current stuck place - whether it be a hard decision, procrastination, a limiting belief or the need for clarity about what to do next. Achieve a heightened state of inspiration for your project and leave with a tool that will keep you in that state. Identify your next most potent goals and put a tangible plan and accountability into place. Then launch it for the next six weeks!

How we do it...

• Daily Action Challenge - Emails from our private Facebook group launch the action for the day. Check in with your other teammates in the FB group about how it's going.

• Daily Centering Calls - Join in from 9:00 to 9:20 am for Centering Practice to strengthen your ability to stay in the part of your brain that has aha's, insight and inspiration. 

• Saturday Immersion Day! 9:00 am to 1:00 pm immersion intensive that follows our Sacred House 3-Step process to move you through roadblocks, take you to a place of heightened inspiration (that's where all your great answers come from) and map & launch your next potent action step plan. We use our powerful Group Synergy process throughout.

• Stay Accountable - In our private Facebook group, plus you have ongoing access between Immersions.

The Beauty of the Challenge Club

At Sacred House, we've learned that the biggest predictor of commitment and follow-through is to be part of a group context. Without other people knowing what you're doing and catalyzing ideas with you, it's easy for your project to fall to the wayside. Challenge Club ensures your follow-through.

Equal Parts Action and Equal Parts Centering

We keep you moving forward with tangible Action Challenges, while at the same time strengthening your center - that unshakeable place within where all of your REAL answers and guidance reside. We know that action is nothing if it's not coming from the right place! 

Logistics & Details

Lead Facilitator: Sacred House Founder/Director Lisa Hunter - Read her bio here.

Next dates to be announced in 2018.


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Guiding Principles Training is $20

Challenge Club Immersion Week is $99

Get both for $99 when you sign up at or before the Guiding Principles Training.

*If it's your first Guiding Principles Training, then your GP Training is free and that's your discount!


Next Steps

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