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Miracle Launching

Each of our classes serve two purposes - we learn practical and immediately useful spiritual skills to live our best lives, plus we are getting to know each other and deepening our spiritual family connections as we learn & grow. We invite you to join in a class! It's a great way to step into Sacred House beyond coming to Gathers.

Miracle Launching is a six-week course to learn five meaningful steps to launch a goal or intention that you strongly desire to see happen in your life. The best thing about Miracle Launching is that it's a process that keeps you steadily connected to a sense of purpose, trust and possibility regardless of how the path to your goal unfolds. As a group, we get to know each other's most important goals, and we get to support and cheer each other on as we move toward them. There is something so powerful about moving toward what you want in life with a team by your side! About the Miracle Launching process: Miracle Launching is Sacred House Founder Lisa Hunter's own home-made spiritual practice that she's used in her own life for many years. It's basically a "best-of" compilation of all the manifestation techniques she's learned during the course of her spiritual and personal growth journey, and she loves sharing it and helping each person find their style for using it.  

More on Miracle Launching and our other Winter Classes, plus sign up for classes on our Sacred House Boulder Classes page here.