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Boulder Sunday Gather at Shine w/Brunch afterward

This week...

September Theme Kickoff:  Rock Your Divine Purpose. 

With the fall coming and another year of Sacred House, we are pleased to announce that we have added a "Rock Your Divine Purpose" segment to our Gathers. The one premise at Sacred House is that there is something larger that connects us all. And if we are all connected, then we are each unique expressions of that something larger. Thus, how you "be" and what you "do" in the world is an important jigsaw piece in your spiritual puzzle. This first Gather of the month explores in what ways you are divinely contributing simply by being yourself. Usually Divine Purpose explorations go right to the "doing" - what difference or contribution are you making in the world? But without the foundation of knowing how you contribute simply by being yourself without having to do a darned thing, trying to go out and "do" in the world can feel forced or urgent or unclear or not satisfying. Come discover this first piece of "being-ness" as we dive into the art of Rocking Divine Purpose all month long...

Boulder Sunday Gathers are from 11:15 am to 12:30 pm at Shine Restaurant's Gathering Place, with a community toast, locally-sourced organic brunch and meaningful conversation afterward. You can also come for Shine's yoga class at 10 am with fabulous instructor Tucker Shelton to make a whole morning of it! The Gather and yoga are each by-donation. Shine is at 2027 13th Street, Boulder, Colorado. 



Our "Rock Your Divine Purpose" inspiration comes from Shine's potion Monet's Garden, which is all about slowing down and being in the moment. From there, you can hear your truest truths. Shine Potions are a mix of herbs, juices, teas and loving intention - truly conscious drinks that fit with Sacred House's value of conscious spiritual exploration. Shine Restaurant offers local and organic food. They work directly with local farmers and it is one of their main goals to support local community events, especially events that support conscious spiritual exploration. That's why they've so graciously partnered with Sacred House for Sunday mornings and why we've been thrilled to partner with them. Here's a link to a page on their site that talks more about the heart & soul behind their food drink. 

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Yoga Class at Shine
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Yoga Class at Shine