Recipe For Spirituality for Parents in Boulder, CO

Do you have a grounded spiritual practice that you share with your children?

Do you feel torn at the holidays about what to "do" with the way you were raised and the way you want to raise your children?

Are you and your spouse on the same page about how to talk to your family about spirituality (about why you're here, what you're doing and what it means to be alive)?

Your kids learn a lot at school, but what are the most important things that you want to impart to your children. Are you teaching them this?

The "Holidays" are coming. Whatever your spiritual belief, religious practice (or lack thereof), you and your family will be touched by these holidays. They're everywhere! In the giant fake wrapped presents outside of your health club, hanging in the aisles of your hardware store, lighting up your neighbors' windows and floating out of the mouths of your children's peers. 

If you've ever wondered what to do about all of this - how to talk about it at home with your family and how to honor what's most important to you - join us for this special class. 

One or both parents can attend - you pick!

Reasons to take the Recipe For Spirituality class...

1. Your Family's Own Set of Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles assure that you and your children live your most meaningful, rich, satisfying lives - the kind that you'll look back on at age 80 and feel great about.

Most religions or paths have a set of rules or edicts to follow. By following them, participants are assured they're living a life of integrity and meaning. In Recipe For Spirituality, you identify your family's own set of principles for living the life you want to be living. Two inspiring & oftentimes surprising meditation activities help to identify this, your family's unique GPS (Guiding Principle System). 


2. Your "Easy On-Ramp" Centering Practices 

Centering Practices strengthen your inner peace and wisdom, while giving you greater access to insights, aha moments and the sense of being connected to something larger than yourself. They help you enjoy the ride of life along the way. 

Most religions and paths teach centering practices and participants enjoy these benefits. At Sacred House, we want you to have these benefits too, and we give you two fun activities in the Recipe For Spirituality class to identify your "easy on-ramp" practices - the ones that fit your style, really work for you, and that you'll actually do. You'll identify Centering Practices for yourselves and very simple practices for your kiddos too. 


3. Your Goals & Dreams

At Sacred House, we believe something larger connects us all, we are each unique expressions of it, and the more of this "divine spark" that you activate, the more your life comes alive. Imagine a world in which every person is rocking their divine spark- what a different world it would be.

In Recipe For Spirituality, you claim & catalyze your current goals, dreams and next growing edge, plus learn skills to support your children to grow their dreams as they mature. No matter what they are, the more you and your children bring your goals & dreams alive, the more you each express your divine spark and the more you live your most truly expressed, meaningful and purposeful life. 



4. You'll Be A Member Of Our Spiritual Family

At Sacred House, Spiritual Family means you'll have a community of people who know you and your children in a certain way - we know the gifts that you bring, what's most important to you, how you want to be living your life, and we stay current on your biggest goals, dreams and next growing edges. In turn, you'll know these things about all of us. 

Even if you've got some other great families in your personal life already, now imagine a whole village of families who know you and celebrate you and your children in this very specific and life-affirming kind of way! 



How It All Works

Half-Day Workshop or 4-Week Phone Class:  

We're deciding this fall's class format right now (i.e. two morning workshops, or four evening classes, etc), so let us know what works best for you by sending in the form below at the bottom of this page.

One or both parents can attend - you pick!

Class Dates:  

Class will start October or November of 2016. Stay tuned for specific dates very soon.


In-Person in Boulder, CO. Specific location to be announced.


Sacred House Founder/Director Lisa Hunter. Read all about her here.


*Plan on a half-hour of fun homework each week


Class Fee:  $125, includes all materials

*Fee is $125 when you sign up by the early-bird date to be announced.

After that it's $150. 


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Phone (In case we email you back and it doesn't go through)